Bugs in El Capitan? Wait for 10.11.1

October 18, 2015

6:00 pm

Millions of users are upgrading to Mac OS X El Capitan and many of them are noticing slower Mac performance or bugs. Don’t be in a hurry, read this article first for why you should wait for a more stable version of El Capitan 10.11.1 or how to increase your Mac’s performance if you have already upgraded to El Capitan.

Mac OS X experts admit the presence of bugs in El Capitan. That’s not new; each new system includes a number of bugs, but it seems like El Capitan has broken new records. It causes the incompatibility of third-party apps, crashes during the upgrading process, low performance, etc. Such reports require security software, cleaning software, and many more apps that were designed and updated before the El Capitan release.

Reasons You Should Wait for El Capitan 10.11.1:

  1. You are not prepared for upgrade. Later we’ll see how to get ready in 3 steps.
  2. Problems with third-party apps. Not all apps are compatible with the first edition of the new Mac OS.
  3. The Apple Support Community is exploding because of bug reports. It may take awhile to identify them all.
  4. Previous versions of Mac OS X showed that the correct way is not to install the very first edition of the software.

Reasons for Slow Mac with El Capitan:

  • Incompatible hardware. All Macs that were manufactured earlier than 5 years ago are compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan. If your Mac is older, you should stay with the earlier version of the system.
  • The apps are not updated. Run the updating process for all software after you’ve upgraded to El Capitan. The best scenario is to update all installed apps before upgrading, but if you didn’t, make sure that your software is updated. Moreover, this practice is important on a daily basis, just check the latest updates once a week, especially for security software.
  • Your Mac is cluttered. Of course you can clean your Mac manually, but removal of all leftovers, caches, and junk files can be a very challenging task for an average user. The most efficient and in fact the only proper way to do this is to use the Mac OS cleaning software, such as MacKeeper™, OnyX, or other popular cleaners.

If you have not upgraded to El Capitan yet, prepare your Mac in 3 steps:

Step #1: Back Up the Data

You may say “this is Mac, what can go wrong?” But it’s better to prepare in advance than to regret about the losses.

There are 3 ways to back up data:

  • Built-in Mac OS X feature – Time Machine
  • Cloud storage
  • Portable hard drive

Step #2: Free Up Space for El Capitan

As we mentioned before, the new El Capitan system requires 8 GB of free space on your Mac. If your Mac is quite old and has low disk space, you may meet some difficulties. You can make some real headway by cleaning old and large files, freeing up space in the cluttered Downloads folder, and removing duplicates.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in Mac OS X feature for the cleaning of cache, logs, and other junk on your Mac. So MacKeeper™, Onyx, AppCleaner or other similar apps are the best way to free up space on your Mac. You will be able to estimate file sizes, remove duplicates, and clean up Mac from junk.

Step #3: Secure Your Mac

The better way to keep you Mac in a good shape is to protect the system from malware. This kind of threats is evolving and is quite hard to identify. Often a user doesn’t even know that this Mac has been slowed down by a virus. Besides, the malware can stay with you as well after the upgrading process.

Even if you have already upgraded to El Capitan, you may encounter several less than critical bugs or problems with third-party apps. Just keep calm and wait for a new version of software. Believe me, with so many complaints it won’t take long.


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