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March 31, 2011

10:00 am

We’ve all been there. You’re out at a networking event, and you end up meeting tons of cool new people.  These new people could lead to opportunities like jobs, funding, or even a great friendship.   Often times meeting the person is not the hard part –  following up is.  Without following up, the relationship does not have a chance to develop ,and both parties could end up missing out.  Chicago-based mobile app development company App House has been working on a solution to this age-old problem.

App House has developed GitBax, a mobile app that is designed to keep you on top of new and existing relationships.  GitBax works by reminding the user to “get back” in touch with a contact after a specified period of time (a day, a week, or a month).  The app also allows users to keep notes about each contact, like reminders about what they discussed, when they last spoke, and even a section to keep track of the contact’s childrens’ names.

GitBax app screen-shot

GitBax app screen-shot

GitBax will even pull your existing contacts from your phone and populate them in the app so there is no need to reenter all your contacts.  The app also syncs both ways, so if you enter a new contact into GitBax that contact will be synced into your existing contacts as well.

The most interesting feature to me is GitBax’s ability to keep a running record of how successful a user is on following up with their contacts.  I can see this being a very useful tool to help users if they have been slacking on follow-ups.  In the future App House plans to add calendar integration, as well as integration with Linkedin and Twitter.

GitBax seems like a great tool to help cultivate new relationships as well as take existing ones to the next level.  Come out and see App House as they demo Gitbax at Tech Cocktail Chicago tonight.  And as an exclusive to Tech Cocktail readers App House has given us access to the beta version of GitBax.  Click here to join the beta.

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