Geeks: Build Your Next Resume on Coderwall

April 11, 2012

12:33 pm

Geeks and creative types are constantly thinking up ways to get hired: from creative designs to fake Facebook profiles to movie posters, we’ll do anything to escape the boringness of a black-and-white resume.

Resume woes were also the inspiration for recent Y Combinator grad Coderwall, which helps engineers build portfolios:

“Resumes are fundamentally broken for engineers for a few reasons,” explains founder Matthew Deiters. “There are many professional indicators missing on resumes that are important other then just employment and school. Resumes lack validation; skills can be declared regardless of how well the candidate has mastered them. Finally, resumes are inherently dense with text while there are usually just a handful of indicators someone is looking for to screen who they want to invite in for an interview.”

So Coderwall takes a static, text-heavy, artificially inflated resume and turns it into a colorful portfolio. Geeks can earn achievement badges to highlight key skills and get “endorsements” from colleagues to verify them.

As with Geeklist, you can also create teams to showcase your startup’s coding achievements. Coderwall pits teams against each other in a leaderboard, currently topped by GitHub. Other teams using the site include Google, LivingSocial, Twitter, and Mozilla.

While Geeklist is about building relationships and finding inspiration, Coderwall is more focused on advancing your career. You can add “geek cred” to your blog, like Coderwall’s Brian Guthrie did here (see right). And according to Deiters, some employers are now asking for a Coderwall profile from job applicants.

Coderwall is still in beta; sign up here.

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