How Established Business Owners Can Test Out New Ideas

July 31, 2017

7:15 am

A lot of established businesses need to be careful. Brand new companies can get away with anything, but if you have a reputation to uphold it can hurt you. It leaves you at a slight disadvantage, which is why we usually see startups rising to the top of their industries quickly.

The only real solution is to use technology capable of letting you test innovative ideas safely. If you mess up it’s not going to create a domino effect destroying everything you’ve already built. We’ll look at some of the basic tactics you’ll be able to use straight away.

Segmenting Your Email List

There are countless ways you can segment your email list and they all have a purpose, but when testing out a new idea it doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply test it out on a small number of subscribers.

What is the worst that can possibly happen if people don’t like it? You’ll have a few subscribers who will be angry with you. It’s a million times less damaging than rolling out a new idea to your entire list.

You Can Always Build on Something

Start with a minimum viable product you’re sure everyone will like. Don’t throw your full idea straight at them. If it works out okay you can slowly expand on it while taking on feedback from customers along the way.

Lots of businesses prefer not to use the MVP (minimum viable product) model when they’re already successful because it takes too long to see results. If you think your idea could be massive it might be wise to play the long game.

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Test It on a Brand New Website

testing new brand website

If you look for a cheap web hosting guide you’ll be able to find deals that are almost free. Instead of testing the idea on your own URL test it on a completely different one that has nothing to do with your company.

This isn’t hard when you’re already in business because you don’t need to worry about traffic, even if your new website is only a day old. Just spend money on ads to drive targeted traffic towards your idea.

Crowdsourcing Platforms Are Huge

Even when you have a profitable business you don’t have to put your own money on the line. Not these days when you have crowdsourcing platforms available. Ask the world if they’re willing to back your new idea.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad idea if you don’t get funded, so you must be careful using this tactic. If you want it to be fairly accurate you really have to market the campaign effectively in the first place.

Use Specialist Feedback Sites

Today it’s easy to get feedback about your ideas from total strangers using specialist websites. A lot of times you’ll be able to get it for free, but there will always be additional benefits if you pay a bit extra.

All you need to do is upload the specific thing you want people to critique. You’ll then have to sit back and wait. You’ll eventually get the answers you seek, which will usually be determined by the popularity of the website.

You Can’t Stop Testing New Ideas

If you stop testing out new ideas the competition will eventually consume you. It’s important to stay on top of your game if you want to remain in business for years to come. These tactics we’ve covered should be more than enough to help you do it.

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