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Telecom Operators by Brand Value

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

Just How Valuable Are Our Operators?

The popularity of mobile devices has grown at a rate that nobody could have predicted. Handsets are packed with more technology than before and today we spend our precious time staring into beautifully vivid, high definition digital displays. The age of the selfie is upon us too – facilitated of course by pixel-perfect cameras and apps with filters to make us all models. However, despite the popularity of the physical handsets, there is another key player in the world of mobile tech – cashing in on our obsession with our cellphones.

Telecom operators have been around for far longer than the modern handsets we associate them with. However, of course as we indulge ourselves in the latest mobile technology, we find ourselves signing up for minutes, messages and data from a huge selection of providers. Whether the need is personal or for business, you will inevitably find yourself  relying on the services of your network provider. Whilst we are mostly aware of the popular national telephone networks, it’s not until you see statistics for the most valuable brands globally, that you understand just how lucrative this industry can be.

In Great Britain, O2 is considered to be one of the larger networks, it’s clear to see from our infographic that O2 pales in comparison to the heavyweight titans like Verizon and AT&T,  of the 20 most valuable telecom brands O2 came 20th with a value of $7.63 billion. When you compare that to the $53.47 billion value of the most valuable brand, you start to get a picture of just how valuable our cellphones really are – not just to us, but to the operators we pay for the privilege of sharing that latest selfie with a friend.

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We here at Tech.Co have transformed publicly available data which was produced by Brandirectory, to create our infographic. Brandirectory is produced by Brand Finance which is a leading brand strategy and valuation consultancy. As a resource for telephone systems, we procured this highly relevant data to share with our audience.

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