Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Finally Official

After years of speculation, rumors, teases and mocked up protoypes, Samsung has finally revealed its foldable phone, during a very quick segment at its 2018 developer’s conference. Is Samsung’s folding phone the future of mobile tech?


Apple Loses Trillion Dollar Status

Apple has lost its trillion dollar status after announcing some disappointing financial forecasts for the next quarter. We’ve taken a look at what that means for the company, why it’s happened, and what it can do to put it right.


Apple Reinvents the Mac Mini

After going four years with an update, Apple finally gives the Mac Mini a much needed face lift and specs boost. It’s also seen a considerable price rise, and now sits at a few hundred dollars more than the previous model. So, is now the time to buy a Mac Mini?


How and Why Do Tech Leaks Happen?

With not a week able to go by without a leak of the latest tech product, where do they come from? We look and how and why tech leaks happen and investigate whether they ever happen on purpose (as is so often suspected).


Oculus Quest – Is This The VR Gamechanger?

Facebook has announced the Oculus Quest, an all-in-one VR headset pitched as a gaming machine free of wires, needing no separate PC to run. We explain why the Oculus Quest may finally have what it takes to bring VR to the masses in an accessible, affordable format.

Gear & Gadgets

Amazon Reveals New Alexa Gadgets

Amazon has unveiled the latest in its line of Alexa-powered devices. From a wall clock to a power point to a microwave, all of these voice activated products are designed to respond to your spoken commands – plus integrate the Amazon infrastructure into your daily routine.