Why Businesses Should Use Time and Attendance Software

December 2, 2015

10:00 am

The Internet has changed a lot about the way we live, including how we are entertained, how we shop for products and services we want, how we communicate with our family and friends, and even how we work. Similarly, time and attendance record keeping at businesses is not immune from the influence of the Internet.

In fact, many businesses today – from the largest mega-corporations to the smallest “mom and pop” businesses – now depend on time and attendance software to keep track of such things as:

  • Hours worked, break times and worker productivity;
  • Payroll calculation and disbursement;
  • Accumulation of benefits, including sick leave, vacation time, and others;
  • Scheduling, shift trades, and time off requests; and
  • Forecasting.

If your business still requires your employees to punch a time card into a clock at the beginning and end of each shift, or manually calculating such things as payroll and benefits, it is time to streamline the operations of your business by considering time and attendance software solutions, like the ones offered by Advance Systems, a leader in this market.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of time and attendance software is that it frees you and your payroll department to focus on other, more important things. Automated web-based time and attendance will take care of nearly all the data collection, payroll and benefits calculations, and other time-consuming tasks.

Calculating a schedule can sometimes be wildly complicated, especially when you are trying to keep track of dozens of influencing factors at the same time. Web-based time and attendance systems are also helpful in creating work schedules for businesses with special considerations, such as the seniority associated with collective bargaining agreements, or employees’ requests and preferences.

Another benefit of automated, web-based time and attendance systems is that they shift the burden of maintaining individual work schedules from management to employees. By creating a clear and concise set of rules and procedures for such things as vacation requests, call-offs, leaves of absences, FMLA, and other things that can affect the work schedule, management can put the burden on employees to follow the proper protocols.

Some management software even allows workers to do all these things online, accessing the system online at their own convenience from their home computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, which increases the convenience and reinforces loyalty bonds between employees the companies they work for. Managers and supervisors are then only required to approve or deny employee requests based on an empirical set of defined protocols.

Highly sophisticated Web-based time and attendance systems also can save companies time and money by minimizing such costly problems as payroll errors, employees punching in or out without authorization, or having to manually supervise employees working remotely. They calculate payroll based on data collected directly from workers’ time records and incorporate such things as benefits, taxes, and other calculations automatically.

Finally, there is the issue of monitoring and supervising employees who are not working in the office, working from home, or from abroad. Under a traditional time and attendance system, it would be practically impossible for management to get an accurate representation of the real hours worked by these employees, let alone supervise their work to make sure they are staying on task rather than being distracted by non-work related activities.

But Web-based time and attendance software can allow workers to log in an out when they are working remotely. Plus, many systems allow for management to review screenshots that are taken at pre-scheduled or random intervals to make sure workers or contracted freelancers are staying on task.

The Internet has changed many of the way we do things, including the way businesses manage their time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll, so give your business a much-needed evolution and go for a time and attendance software.


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