Busy Day? Get Errands Done with the Help of Urban Delivery

May 28, 2013

4:00 pm

Whether you are a girl or guy, we all share a similar nightmare. It’s a weekday and your schedule is loaded with conferences, meetings, and paperwork; you look at your Outlook or Gmail calendar to see how much time you have before the next meeting, hoping to grab something to eat in a spare five minutes. The calendar pulls up today’s date. It’s February 14th. Or Mother’s Day. Or someone special’s birthday. Panic and guilt sink in through your pores, and your feet go numb. How are you going to manage to pull off a last-minute gift shopping spree?

It’s not exactly your fault you forgot; today’s working environment is fast-paced and non-stop. You couldn’t help it. At least that is what you tell yourself, because blaming yourself won’t fix the problem. But it’s true; life takes over, and important dates fall out of our mental periphery.

Urban Delivery ingeniously created a catch-all solution for forgotten errands and chores, especially the last-minute gift. The Washington, DC-based startup will send a bike carrier to pick up and deliver whatever the carrier can (for lack of a better word) carry at anytime. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around and you suddenly realize it in-between meetings or on a train to a conference, Urban Delivery has your back.

But it is not limited to last-minute gift shopping. Urban Delivery knows that working professionals and people on the go are often left with little time to add one (or two) more chores to their plate. For a small delivery fee, starting at around $12.99, Urban Delivery becomes your room service for real life.

Users can pay for their product in-app, check the status of the delivery, and chat with their delivery carrier in real-time through Urban Delivery. Urban Delivery is one of the many startups that solve everyday pitfalls with a creative yet simple service. Simply let Urban Delivery know what, when, and where, and get on with your busy life.

Because when it comes down to it, we all need a little help. Or just a little more free time.

Urban Delivery was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail DC mixer.

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