7 Tips to Buying Bluetooth Speakers for Summer Fun

June 3, 2017

10:30 am

Over the last few years Bluetooth speakers have become more popular and the technology has immensely improved. This summer when you’re looking to purchase a speaker for pool side entertainment, keep these features in mind before you purchase.

Size of Speaker

One of the most important factors while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is the size of the speaker. The size of speaker should fit your environment. If the quantity of your users is very large then you need a speaker with large size having some great powers.

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Battery Size

Before purchasing Bluetooth speakers you should consider the battery size and the length of time you’ll be using it at one setting. At a minimum the speaker needs to run 4 to 5 hours.

Attractive Design

Some speakers on the market are only offered in one color, black. If you are looking to make more of a fashion statement, then consider purchasing a speaker that offers different colors or covers.

Lightweight Speaker

Some speakers are meant to be carried around, on a backpack or housed on your patio table. Make sure the one you pick will work to your lifestyle and manage the environmental factors.

Sound Quality

Whether you want megabass or sound that carries throughout the yard, make sure you choose the size and sound quality that fits your lifestyle.


Some Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used outdoors, waterproof or on-the-go. Make sure the one you pick will handle all the activities you’ll need indoors or out.


There are many speakers which may not support some of the mobile phones or have apps on certain platforms. Make sure to check the compatibility of the speaker with your smartphone

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