Buzz Yourself a Great Table at Your Favorite Restaurant with BuzzTable

September 9, 2013

2:57 pm

When it comes to the restaurant business, the customer’s experience has not changed in years.  We’ve all have experienced this: it’s Friday night, you forgot to make a reservation,  you show up at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. They don’t have any availability, so you put your name on the list and are given a germy buzzer.  You hang out for half an hour, get tired of waiting, and head out to another place.

To the rescue comes BuzzTable.  The BuzzTable product eliminates the need for restaurant buzzers.  The platform allows restaurants to create a digital waitlist.  Customers can look up where they stand on the waiting list.  Instead of using that germ-ridden buzzer, the customer gets a text.  For the restaurant, BuzzTable also serves as a CRM tool, capturing the restaurant customers’ preferences and favorite dishes.

Founded by Warner Siebert, BuzzTable was inspired by personal experience.  Warner was recently awarded as one of the top Under30CEO’s in the US.  Prior to BuzzTable, he co-founded Branded Evolution.  Three years ago, Warner went out to dinner and had a life-changing experience.  The restaurant was busy, and while his name was put on the waiting list, they were not able to call him when the table was ready.  Warner went to another place.  The idea was born – “Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easy to see where you are on the waiting list, or be notified via your cell phone?”

With its mobile self-serve system, BuzzTable helps to reduce the walkaway rate by 30 percent.   The platform can capture both the phone number and email address of the customer.  It allows the restaurant to build a database on their customers, including what time they come in and what they like to order.  What sets the platform apart is that restaurants can follow up with customers to capture a review after the dining experience.

BuzzTable is a solution for both consumers and restaurants, delivering a better dining experience.  The biggest challenge ahead for this team is educating both groups about the tool.

In the second half of 2013, BuzzTable is focused on expansion.  Their focus is on platform innovation and bringing more chain restaurants to the platform.  Earlier in 2013, they released their product in the Apple app store.


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