Cabsolutely Puts Cab Companies on Even Playing Field

June 18, 2015

9:00 pm

It’s no secret that cab companies are struggling. The abundance of Uber, Lyft, and other car sharing programs that are providing better service, better prices, and other incentives are pushing taxis out of the market. This is certainly the case in urban areas around the US, and possibly around the world. So, naturally this begs the question–can cab companies compete in this new market?

Cabsolutely believes they can. They believe what it really comes down to is the technology. Some cab companies still use radio based dispatch, while those who have embraced digital platforms, have not put the effort into making sure they function well. As more and more people put their trust in Uber and it’s intuitive mobile platform, less people are using cabs.

This startup has taken on the challenge to rid cab companies of their antiquated technologies by replacing them with a cloud-based dispatch system as a service. They’ve also created a mobile app that is really easy to use:

  1. Tap – Use the Request Ride Button to call the closest cab to your location
  2. Ride – Be promptly picked up and driven by a trained and insured professional to your destination.
  3. Pay – Once you arrive at your destination, pay from the app–no cash or card to hand over.

Cabsolutely starts with the cab companies. Once the companies and drivers are on-board, the passenger mobile app is released to the public in that city. The more cab companies that join this platform, the better the service will be, as the app will send your request to whichever cab is closest, but only of the ones who are partnered with Cabsolutely. This is really a cab’s best chance of getting your business.

This platform provides a lot of features to the cab companies themselves. It allows them to see their fleet in real time, receive feedback from customers, reduces the overhead associated with maintaining a call center, and they provide round-the-clock technical support.

Right now cab companies are losing 40% of their market share just in the first 3 months of ride sharing showing up in their city. That’s a huge percentage. Perhaps Cabsolutely can be the platform to get cab companies back in the  game.



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