Call Loop: Employing the Power of Bootstrapping for a Bright Future

November 26, 2013

9:16 am

Three years ago the Miami tech startup scene was nonexistent. Two years ago, there were small flashes of life popping up here and there. Today, it’s one of the major up-and-coming tech startup scenes in the US, according to Chris Brisson, CEO and co-founder of Call Loop.

And he is rightly happy to be part of the scene with his B2B platform. After realizing that communications channels like email aren’t as effective as they once were, Brisson started Call Loop to manage, clean, and import contacts from multiple platforms.

“The idea was born of keyword frustration,” says Brisson. “At my old product launch consulting company, we utilized webinars, telenars, press releases, and email to reach our customers. And while we had always wanted to reach out to people via voice and text messages, there was no easy way to automate that from a marketing perspective.”

Call Loop began from a marketing perspective, but it was further developed by Brisson and the rest of the team to be a core communications tool that spans across multiple industries, which is their ultimate ‘claim to fame.’

Companies might use MailChimp for email marketing, PayPal for payment collections, and Shopify for collecting customers; every business is fragmented. Call Loop serves as a small hub to build your company’s SMS outreach directly from those systems already in place.

“You’re already collecting a phone number from these places anyway, but now you can actually do something with it,” says Brisson.

The majority of Call Loop was bootstrapped, and while some might see this as a negative, Brisson was right at home in this world. In his mind, raising funds isn’t bad; Call Loop did accept some funding after all, but it is not the way he prefers to roll.

For him, it’s always been about how to make money with the current product today. In a world that hypes the importance of raising capital in order to succeed, Call Loop finds that only adds pressure to their ecosystem and company culture.

The pressure to spend the money wisely and to appease the investors is a lot to bear. Call Loop endured such pressure after receiving a bit of capital, which Brisson admits would have been helpful from the start.

But by leveraging the power of bootstrapping, the team has been able to pry open the doors to a bright future. By doing things in their own fashion, Call Loop has been developed as a solid platform. Should they ever need to go after funding, they can pursue it with a polished and hardy product to show: in the meantime, Call Loop is doing just fine.

“You’re investing 2 to 5 plus years of your life into that business,” says Brisson. “Every business owner, probably on a daily or weekly basis, asks ‘what the hell am I doing?,’ and keeping a positive outlook is not as easy as people think it is. We’re passionate and seriously enjoy what we’re doing here, and that helps us power through the grind towards success.”

Call Loop was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Miami Mixer & Startup Showcase on October 1st. 

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