Campaign Trails: The Oregon Trail of Politics

April 29, 2012

12:00 pm

Caulk the wagon and float or attempt to ford the river?  I’m guessing you got the reference.  The Oregon Trail is as iconic a computer game as any.  It was part of “computer class” when I was in elementary school.  This old school video game was (and still is) fun, addictive, and educational.  One thing it is not, however, is relevant.  Four oxen has got nothing on your 300-horsepower F150.

Campaign Trails brings a contemporary twist on the old school RPG.  Instead of pursuing the American Dream on an expedition west, Campaign Trails takes us on a trail to the White House.

Daniel Mruk, the c0-founder of the mobile game (currently only available for Android), says the idea to for this game stems back to his childhood:

The inspiration for the game came from a conversation I was having with some friends about when we were in elementary school and the teacher said anyone could grow up to be the President. That got me thinking about how it would be fun to actually experience that without all the risks and high-cost campaigns. I started looking for a game and did not find one that had what I was looking for.

"Bacon" with lather you with his charm.

When asked what the future held for Campaign Trails, Mruk says users can expect multiplayer capability:

The goal is to allow our users to challenge their friends to campaigns and go head to head. We will be patching in content for the multiplayer that will make the campaigns customizable so that you can choose which offices you run for and put time limitations if needed.

Ready to shake hands and kiss some babies?  Download the free Campaign Trails Android app here.

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