Can Prime’s Health Records App Finally Make Managing Your Health…Simple?

May 27, 2014

11:00 am

Managing your health shouldn’t be a difficult process, but even in this modern age of technology, there is still no easy or efficient way to keep up with our own personal health records. While technology has certainly given us access to new apps that give us the ability to input these records, the necessary manual data input is inefficient and, honestly, a huge pain. Prime is the first mobile health records app that gives users quick and automatic access to their health records, removing the task of putting in that information themselves.

“We started working on the company a year ago, after recognizing the agonizing process of keeping track of health info in our lives and the lives of our loved ones,” said Prime cofounder and Chief of Product Design Will Imholte. “People are expected to keep track of everything, communicate with their families and friends, keep their doctor up to date, bring data to specialists—it’s an impossible situation that sets people up for failure at nearly every step of the process.”

medicationsThrough Prime, a user merely has to import their health records directly from their care provider(s), and that info is instantly available to them through the app. From past appointments to an inventory of your current and past medications, Prime allows you to have all this information readily available to you right from your phone. Rather than having to rely on physical records that some people keep in binders, or having to manually input all of those records into one of the other existing apps on the market, users can have quick, painless access to their records. After all your records are in the app, you easily manage that information, as well as share important health updates confidentially with close friends and relatives.

Health care providers are required to give you access to your health records, which is how Prime has made it possible for this app to exist. The company works with various care providers to acquire and store the health records securely and privately, ensuring that operations comply with HIPAA regulations. Since its founding, users have imported more than 50,000 health records through the app.

Prime was most recently featured at our Kansas City Mixer & Startup Showcase. You can download the Prime mobile app for iOS.

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