Could Cannabis Save E-Cigarettes?

February 7, 2015

10:00 pm

“Cannabis will save the world” goes the popular pro-cannabis mantra. Well, not yet. But it certainly could be the savior of the much-maligned e-cigarette.

With mounting criticisms, looming regulations, and bans coming into effect, venture capitalists have been put off the vaping devices for multiple reasons.

While views have been shifting on e-cigarettes, cannabis too has had a rapid transformation: in Colorado, the legalization of the once-demonized drug is helping to reduce crime, increase tourism and ultimately, make huge sums of money.

Through a union in the form of increasingly popular cannabis vaping devices, the future of these two seemingly unrelated industries could result in big business.

Vaping devices for cannabis could be a very attractive prospect for smokers. They’re more convenient, they could allow users to regulate their intake and by removing the need to burn the plant matter, they could be healthier too.

For the UK-based TABlites and other major e-cigarette retailers in countries where cannabis is illegal, though they won’t see the benefits, they can at least see that the industry isn’t dead yet.

How to tackle these problematic products

The majority of us will have noticed that the once celebrated smoking cessation devices known as e-cigarettes have been the recipient of some particularly negative press recently. If we weren’t being informed about the vaping devices’ ability to create the cancer-associated compound formaldehyde, we were hearing that non-smoking teenagers are now taking up e-cigs at an alarming rate.

Of course if e-cigs are found to be harmful, their accessibility should be limited. But if they can reduce the huge number of smoking-related deaths each year, they remain an immensely useful invention. And while their reputation continues to sour, paradoxically, cannabis, which is being smoked more than ever, is hailed a hero.

Enter entrepreneurs as e-cigarettes meet cannabis

As the fate for both controversial industries remains undecided, could a combination of cannabis and e-cigarettes build a stronger future?

According to an Entrepreneur interview with e-cigarette franchise Palm Beach Vapors who predicted a marriage of the e-cigarette and marijuana industries: yes.

We may not know all the risks, but at present it has been documented that vaping cannabis is healthier than smoking it. Furthermore, James F. Pankow, the co-author of an analysis on how formaldehyde is created through vaping nicotine, said the same risks likely do not occur when vaping dry marijuana or hash oil.

The bleak outlook for the e-cig economy could be reversed if focus turns to vaping plant matter or hash oil.

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