Cannabis Tech Company to Turn Ghost Town Into a Pot Tourist Attraction

August 3, 2017

12:20 pm

Tech companies are known for trying out some wild ideas. From self-landing rockets to virtual voice assistants, this ambition often pays off in spades, leading to unmitigated success and, inevitably, even wilder ideas. Facebook is a great example of this, as they’ve just released plans to build an entire town across the street from their Menlo Park headquarters. That’s pretty wild, right? Well, apparently not too wild for the cannabis industry.

That’s right, Phoenix-based cannabis tech company American Green has just purchased the town of Nipton, California, a 120-acre ghost town located in San Bernardino County. The town was purchased for $5 million and is home to a whopping population of six. And while you might immediately assume that this purchase would be for agriculture purposes, the company actually wants to turn it into a cannabis-themed tourist destination.

If you’ve ever partaken in the increasingly legal and recreational drug, your imagination is probably running wild: hot-boxed ferris wheels, log flume rides with joints on board, and munchies as far as the eye can see. Let me nip those lofty, albeit ridiculous, aspirations in the bud right now; it’s going to be a little more sophisticated than that.

“The [idea] here isn’t to create Woodstock 2017,” said Stephen Shearin, a consultant for American Green on the Nipton development project, to Business Insider. “It’s about creating an environment where people come to work and share in a community.”

As the company explains, they envision more of a bed-and-breakfast meets brewery tour kind of experience, where visitors can enjoy natural springs and cannabis smoke in the comfort of quaint California town. Plus, being only an hour away from Las Vegas, the pot haven will serve as a calming escape from the chaos of Sin City.

With pop culture tourist destinations popping up on what seems like a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before the cannabis industry dipped its feet in the water. And with the Green Rush going strong in states with a newly legalized cannabis, this could be the start of something very entertaining and lucrative in the cannabis industry.

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