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December 2, 2011

2:30 pm

Finding the perfect social media marketer, search engine optimization specialist, or writer is undoubtedly a grueling process.  Everyone with a Twitter account thinks they’re a “social media ninja.”  Everyone who’s ever added a title tag to a webpage thinks they’re an SEO expert.  Anyone with a keyboard considers themselves a qualified writer.

Many business owners simply don’t have the time required to wade through all of the snake oil salesmen in order to find the right person to drive quality traffic to their site.  Worse yet, many business owners don’t even know what to look for in a candidate.  All they know is that they want results.

By collecting capable Internet marketers from around the world, France- and San Francisco-based Capseo hopes to be the middle man in matching your company’s needs with their database of “influencers.”

To become an influencer on Capseo, an applicant must first prove their knowledge on various subjects by submitting their articles, videos, tutorials, etc.  Once an applicant passes the initial vetting process, Capseo collects information on the user, including location and hobbies, to better match them to the most appropriate project.  Each task an influencer completes is then reviewed by a project manager.  The success of a user’s previous campaigns dictates the level of responsibility for future projects and, correspondingly, his/her pay rate.

To get started as a business, all that’s required is to fill out the form on Capseo’s homepage indicating the specific goals and intended audience, followed by reviewing the “price per visitor” (the business’ cost for traffic acquisition).  The businesses will then be given access to platform to measure the campaigns success.

By matching businesses with qualified Internet marketers, Capseo hopes to achieve their stated mission of “managing supply and demand.”

Co-founded by Faouzi Elyagoubi and Anji Ismail, this startup was recently one of the showcased companies at the Tech Cocktail San Francisco Mixer.

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