Card Swapp App Takes QR Codes to the Next Level

April 5, 2012

9:00 am

Collecting business cards at conferences and seminars has always been a big part of the networking tradition. The more cards you gather, the more you feel connected to the business world. But what do you do with them all? How do you organize them and remember whose cards you have?

More than just a business card holder, Card Swapp is a mobile app that allows businesses and individuals to share unlimited information via smartphone. It takes information and turns it into a QR code that can be scanned from phone to phone, and it can also scan and decode QR codes found on printed material.

The QR business card app has a built-in news feed, a new concept for mobile social media. Historically, when QR codes are scanned, they take you to a URL/website. Now, imagine going to a restaurant and grabbing the take-out menu in one second, or getting the latest school closing news for your kids, or receiving real-time live traffic reports.

Minh Tran, founder of Washington, DC-based Cab Match, LLC, has developed mobile apps at least a dozen times.

“This app was exceptionally difficult to develop. I’ve discovered a way for the QR code to hold more data without distorting the QR image, which allows you to rely less on mobile websites.” He adds, “It’s like making a QR code go on steroids.”

The app includes the best of both worlds. Most QR business card apps are either mobile websites or vCards. Mobile website apps may carry a lot of information but they require the Internet to work, whereas vCards can work without the Internet but hold limited information. With Card Swapp, you can also add links to your social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, and Skype.

Creating a QR code is extremely simple. With just one click of an icon and an easy-to-use form, you are able to quickly add personal or business information including contacts, social media links, websites, graphics, and news.

Card Swapp has been in full release for 2 months and has already received positive reviews. Two versions are available: Pro and Lite. The Pro allows you to search and export contacts to Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, while the Lite version only exports the QR code. To get started, download the iPhone app or Android app.

Renee Ritchey recently moved to the ‘Windy City’ from Columbus, Ohio, where she spent most of her career working in marketing, business development, and management for two technology startup firms, a Fortune 500 insurance company, and a collegiate product distributor. She has a degree in Journalism from Ohio State and has been fortunate to use her writing and editing skills throughout her career. Her favorite topics to write about are current events and people in business. 

When she’s not writing, some of her favorite things to do include developing independent films, designing board games, golfing, organizing at-home wine tastings with friends, and spending time with her nephews and their yellow Labrador, Daisy. You can follow Renee on Twitter @reneeritchey.

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