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October 17, 2011

11:30 am

How much does it cost to send a loved one to a nursing home?  What happens when a relative with large financial debts passes away?  Is a reverse mortgage a scam?  I spent a great deal of time learning about how to care for geriatric patients during medical school, but nobody ever teaches you about these practical issues.

That’s why I was immediately intrigued when I saw  This Chicago-based startup answers all your questions about senior care, senior living, and senior financial issues.  It also provides a wealth of information about specific living options, including pricing and ratings.

The most salient feature of the site is a database of 18,000 senior care options, with daily prices and reviews.  This database would definitely be invaluable to someone who is deciding what to do with a parent or loved one.  I looked at some of the care options in my town and was amazed to see individual prices and star ratings.  I’m extremely impressed that Caregiverlist was able to put together such a comprehensive database.

But the site is much more than a database of nursing homes.  For me, the most interesting section is the Q & A, where experts provide answers to questions relating to senior care issues.  Experts in law, finance, and insurance answer these questions in an easy-to-understand manner.  I, for instance, learned how a reverse mortgage actually works, so now I understand what is going on during all of the cheesy commercials on TV.  I also learned how complicated the rules for senior care reimbursement are – something you don’t realize as a healthcare provider.

I did notice that some of the information could have been clearer.  The ratings methodology, for example, was a bit difficult to understand.  Also, when using the site, you should remember that laws vary by state and that you should always double-check any information you read online.

Overall, Caregiverlist is an excellent source of information – not only for seniors and their loved ones, but for anyone.   People tend to start planning for old age too late in life, and this site is an excellent tool to start to understand the issues to consider.

Caregiverlist demo’d at our Tech Cocktail Chicago fall mixer event last night, so be sure to check them out their website if you missed meeting them in person.

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Ash Nadkarni is in her final year of residency in Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and is the co-founder of Appguppy, a mobile startup that makes it fast and free to create and distribute mobile apps to any smartphone OS without coding. You can follow her on Twitter at @appguppy.

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