Cariloop Founder Michael Walsh: No Caffeine Required

May 14, 2015

2:00 pm

It’s a pretty commonly-held notion that building a startup requires a dedicated team, smart and helpful mentors, a certain level of financial investment, and generally, a lot of caffeine. Despite all the late nights and early mornings, Michael Walsh, CEO of Cariloop laughs that he’s “never had a cup of coffee in my life.”  A fact many of his Dallas peers find very strange.

With all that is going on in his world, it may be for the best that Walsh, who describes himself as impatient with the pace at which things move and how quickly they can change, stays decaffeinated.

 “Things take time! As a startup, you are in a race against everything – your burn rate, your product development deadlines, your financial forecasts – but it’s important to keep in mind that it almost never happens the way you think it’s going to. It’s a great lesson to us all: be patient and keep working hard no matter what.”    

Cariloop is an easy-to-use tool that creates a clear path for families and other caregivers to connect with, and shop for long-term care providers. When founding Cariloop, Walsh and his team discovered that caregivers, patients, and even healthcare professionals spend far too much time searching for information needed to make decisions about long-term care. Cariloop helps users cut through the traditional (i.e. generalized) senior-care brand-building efforts. The online tool instead analyzes the individual need and provides the best matches for the specific situation. Because time is often of the essence, it also helps them make connection immediately.

In a high-touch, very personal market like healthcare, traditional marketing can be slow and most importantly impersonal. Walsh says if he had an extra few funds in the marketing budget, he’d like to create library videos that educate patients and loved ones about questions that arise in this process; effectively, creating marketing and decision-support tools that “possibly answer some of their questions before they even ask them.” Walsh adds, “Figuring out the healthcare system for yourself is brutal enough, imagine how brutal is it figuring it out for your parent.”

So caffeinated or not, the passion and empathy Walsh has for patients and their families is clear. “There are so many issues in our healthcare system right now that need fixing in terms of consumer wellness and education, so if I wasn’t [doing this] it would be something else related to helping them navigate the system.” We’re betting a lot of families will be glad he’s right where he is.


Image Credit: Flickr/futurestreet

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