Carry is Massively Disruptive to the Traditional Shipping Market

December 10, 2014

9:00 am

Every day there are millions of people flying commercial airlines across the globe – why not take advantage of that? Carry has today announced the launch of their new service that connects people who want to ship things with travelers who can carry the packages for them.

Anybody willing to travel with somebody’s packages will log their itinerary and get matched with locals looking to ship to their final destination. Not only that, it’s a massively disruptive service considering people could theoretically ship a package from San Francisco to Philadelphia in a matter of hours instead of days.

Shippers will be able to send packages to countries where major carriers don’t ship or struggle with shipping, like Greece, India, and Russia. The shipper will communicate directly with the package carrier to get it to its destination and will earn money similarly to an Uber driver.

“As a carrier, you’ll be providing a premium experience for shippers,” says Peter SerVaas, co-founder of Carry. “In beta testing, shippers saved an average of over 60 percent compared to traditional shipping options. Similarly, carriers have earned an average of $500 towards their travel.”

SerVaas, alongside his co-founder Ilya Rekhter, have decided to launch Carry just in time for this year’s holiday season. The hope is that they can entice some early-adopters to sign on and earn some money while flying to their destinations, all while playing Santa and delivering a bit of happiness.

“Last year, an estimated 2 million express packages due to be delivered Christmas Eve were left stranded on trailers and delivery trucks across the nation,” says Ilya Rekhter, co-founder of Carry. “UPS issued an apology, saying that the volume of air packages in their system exceeded the capacity of their network immediately preceding Christmas.”


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