Casamatic ‘eHarmony for Home Buying’ Lands $1.1M

June 16, 2016

2:00 pm

We all know that searching for a home to buy is extremely difficult and something no one enjoys for the most part. Other than the process of packing, moving and unpacking, there is still the hassle of finding that perfect new home that fits one’s needs. While there are several tools (and real estate agencies) available to help, the amount of variables makes the process really hard to go through.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great to have a service that allows its clients to conduct a thorough research for a new home, considering all of those variables, making things really easier? The team behind Casamatic thinks so, and the investors who recently weighed in $1.1 million surely seem to agree.

Casamatic gives a major importance to those variables, such as distance from the workplace or distance to relatives or friends, and delivers a free-to-use platform were users can easily conduct their research for a new home while considering all those issues. It is currently in available in Cincinnati, Chicago, Phoenix, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville and Columbus.

They do so by obtaining key information from various sources, such as census data, crime statistics, school ratings and even other platforms such as Yelp and Foursquare. All this helps prospective homebuyers finding new homes, fitting their personal preferences as much as possible. With this, Casamatic hopes to make home buying easier and change the way young people invest in real estate.

Casamatic, calling itself the “eHarmony for home buying”, announced some big news, with a $1.1 million investment from Dayton-based Accelerant and The Brandery, OCEAN Accelerator, as well as various angel investors. This money will be used to help the company expand its range.

Also, Casamatic recently launched its own iOS app, which will be an important complement to the already existing web platform. The team noticed how important smartphones are nowadays, so they decided to go for it. The app features notifications of new matches and new listings, easy sharing of listings, and even schedule showings, truly taking Casamatic’s service one step ahead in terms of innovation.

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