12 Solutions for Small Businesses: Why Startups Choose CDW

February 6, 2014

10:00 am

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It’s not uncommon for small businesses to hit a plateau.  In many cases, taking this next leap will call for upgrading your technology and business intelligence- but finding the right company to partner with can be a job in it of itself.

To make this decision a bit easier, we’ve highlighted 12 of CDW’s essential solutions for startups.  Find out how CDW can help you improve your processes, find new business opportunities, and reduce expenses below.

12 Solutions for Small Businesses: Why Startups Choose CDW

  1. Business intelligence – Recognizing opportunities for growth requires data.  Improve your supply chain, internal organizations, and/or client behaviors.  CDW’s business intelligence helps you achieve this with Time to Insight, End-User Productivity, and Lowering TCO insights.
  2. Digital Signage – Recently raised a round of funding?  Upgrading the office?  Nothing takes startup headquarters to the next level quite like some digital signage.  Inform and educate workers and visitors with some high-end new displays.
  3. Mobility –  More than half of the human population has a smartphone.  Is your business primed for mobile?  If not, CDW offers a complete approach to acquiring, managing and integrating mobility into your existing infrastructure.
  4. SecurityIs your data on a third party network? If so, it runs a serious risk of breaching security policies or being permanently deleted.  CDW can help prevent this from happening, along with defense against new security threats (mobile), viruses, and data leaks.
  5. Cloud Computing – CDW’s team includes more than 30 pre-sale professionals dedicated to architecting cloud strategies, services, and solutions for your startup. And they always offer competitive pricing as their size and strength of partnerships.
  6. Document Management – The systematic approach to digitizing, storing, managing, and retrieving documents. Reduce costs, storage space, improve operational efficiencies and security of electronic content, and enhance ability to provide operational continuity in the event of a disaster Improved regulatory compliance
  7. Networking –  Due to an influx of video and mobile devices, there’s more traffic on the network than ever before.  This can cause serious strain to your bandwidth. CDW’s networking solutions will help your startup reduce application latency, create multiple pathways, centralize the network, decrease operating and management costs, maximize bandwidth utilization, and more.
  8. Software Management – The software environment is more complex than due to app diversification, cloud hosting, the rise of varied devices.  CDW’s Software Management solutions and licensing experts will work closely with you to right-size your licenses, helping your organization improve agility, enhance productivity and maximize cost efficiencies — all while keeping compliance under control.
  9. Data Center – Whether it’s a backup, client virtualization, converged infrastructure, power and cooling, server virtualization, or storage management and virtualization, CDW has got your startup covered.
  10. Managed Print Services – Companies can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. Managing your printers and supplies can reduce your overall printing costs up to 20% to 30%. CDW’s team of print specialists, provides pricing on every printer supply item they carry, powerful printer management software, and access to all of the tools, reports and resources needed to help you manage your printers and keep costs under control
  11. Point of Sale – Does your startup’s bottom line rely on shipping product?  If so, you need to know where a product is stored and how it is distributed.  CDW can educate you on the benefits of asset tracking and inventory management, as well as provide you with point of sale systems for both traditional and mobile operations.
  12. Unified Communications – Is your startup stationed in multiple cities? If so, sharing ideas and information is essential to success. CDW’s effective collaboration solutions and communication tools can implement a seamless, sophisticated solution system that encourages collaboration by way of email, social media, instant messaging, and more.

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