4 Ways Your Company Can Build a Secure and Efficient Mobile Strategy

July 29, 2014

3:00 pm

This is a sponsored post by CDW, and we want to thank them for all their support!

How many people at your office use their smartphone for both work and personal use? Consider the nightmare this can potentially cause for, not just the IT department, but the company at large.

CDW designed and built out a platform, the Mobility Solutions Page, to inform you about issues and then act to build a secure mobile strategy. They want to relieve the burden of worry from your shoulders so that you might invest your time where it’s needed most.

No matter what aspect of mobility you may need to improve upon, make sure you start and finish with a company you know can get the job done. CDW can help you use mobility to enhance productivity, increase collaboration, and streamline business; avoid the drawbacks of mobility and enjoy the benefits of it.

Here are 4 ways that CDW can take you to a place of mobile efficiency and security:


You: The first step in any journey is to outline where you want to go. CDW offers strategy development workshops, planning, and consultative services that you can fine-tune to fit your specific needs as a company.

CDW: The assessment of project priorities and requirements based on an itemized, personalized roadmap comes first and foremost. From there, near and long-term goals are outlined and established as a base for on-going check-ups on progress throughout the entire process.

Data and Device Policy

You: The benefits of clearly writing and establishing governances on mobile device use for both the company and employee are crucial. If an employee’s personal device is also being used for work related projects you want to ensure they are using it according to your goals as outlined in the roadmap.

CDW: Extensive best practice knowledge and the expertise to initiate policy planning tailored to the needs of your organization will help guide the governances you choose to implement.

Mobile Security

You: Accommodating new ways of working as mobility captures the status quo is of absolute importance. For network and security managers, the influx of mobile devices and apps can represent the worrisome prospect of organizational data leaks.

CDW: Establishing a bring your own device (BYOD) program or corporate owned program is a solid first step. Deploying host-based firewall solutions for mobile devices follows close on its heels. When you consider that most mobile devices are connected to LANs with no protection through firewalls, you can see just how paramount this step is for success.


You: If your wireless network isn’t operating very well, you’ll definitely want to optimize, design, and assess your wireless network platform. Pairing that with annual check-ups along the way will help ensure the continued support from your infrastructure.

CDW: Beginning with a site survey will help CDW provide you an optimal network design and identify possible interference, coverage issues, and security concerns. All of this leads to the proposition of new solutions to remedy any issues or difficulties you may have on your network.

Mobile App Development Strategy

The icing on the cake: CDW has joined forces with expert developers to bring you and your company the CDW App Marketplace. It was designed specifically to focus on work flows and business first while also identifying strategies that include business case and budget, mobile app policy and governance, architecture, design, distribution, protection, management, and support.



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