Read About This Year’s Northern Region ‘Startup of the Year’ Semifinalists

October 4, 2015

10:00 pm

After spending months on the road going around the country, looking for this year’s best companies to compete in Tech.Co’s Celebrate Startup Tour, we’ve finally arrived at the Semifinal round in Downtown Las Vegas. At this year’s Celebrate 2015, 52 startups from around the country (and a few from abroad) will get the chance to compete for $250,000 worth of prizes, as well as a guaranteed spot at a leading accelerator program.

Among the startups competing this Monday, October 5th, at the Celebrate 2015 Startup of the Year competition are several startups from the northern region – each with their own innovative product to offer to the world. Here’s a sneak-peek at what each of our Northern Region Startup of the Year Semifinalists:

Baltimore, MD

UpperStack (formerly Mooki.Co)

UpperStack (formerly Mooki.Co) is a professional social network that helps connect college students and recent graduates with companies seeking new talent. Their goal is to bridge the gap between higher education and the needs of the larger economy. One big feature of Upper Stack is the virtual competitions they host to help students showcase their talents and gain valuable experience. They also offer built-in resumes and any experience that takes place through Mooki’s platform will be automatically uploaded to the student’s on-site resume.


Sonavex has created a solution to easily monitor for blood clots at surgical sites. Their two-part solution consists first of an absorbable tissue marker to mark the surgical site (EchoMark) and software (EchoFind) to guide users to the right position and extract blood flow data.

Boston, MA

zakipoint health

Every business should expect transparency and effectiveness from their healthcare spend and service providers. There is no enterprise tool for mid-market self-insured employers that delivers carrier, provider and employee transparency. In specific, mid-market self-insured employers don’t: 1) receive timely and actionable insights; 2) cannot easily carve out ineffective services; and 3) use member level analytics to engage members in healthcare choices.


It is now easy with CallRed for both companies and individuals to remotely monitor their devices and networks for speed issues, security problems, errors, and more using a simple, easy-to-use interface. IT managers can now instantly spot issues before employees do. Instead of haggling with your cable company over slow internet speeds, CallRed discovers the real reason your devices aren’t operating at their optimum capacity.

New York, NY


Boomset reduces the need for paper during on-site event registration and strives to maximize attendee engagement at events. Their event management platform offers an all-in-one system that allows event planners and coordinators to devote less time to managing registration logistics.


The company simplifies rental with an end-to-end solution for tenants and landlords, integrating management SaaS with easy-to-navigate listings. Potential renters submit rental bids on a property and property owners choose the one they like most.

New York, NY (Online)

DogStar Life

The company has created the first emotion tracker for dogs. Worn around the tail, DogStar helps pet parents improve the life of their pup. The dog wearable is aimed at helping us understand the complex emotional insights that can be attained from seemingly simple dog tail wags.


Grovo provides abetter way to learn at work. The SaaS-based learning ecosystem empowers businesses with the technology and content to align, educate, and inspire their teams. The company places an emphasis on its 60-second microlearning videos that provide professionals to develop their skill set.

Philadelphia, PA

ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good is developing self-defense wearable technology that diminishes attacks against women and address the underlying sources of violence. When activated, their Athena wearable jewelry device emits a loud alarm and automatically notifies loved ones of a woman’s location and immediately contacts authorities for help.


The company provides the easiest way to allow contractors to compete to provide home improvement projects for consumers. Bestimators allows a homeowner to schedule just one site visit to collect the scope of work, and then they go through the process of collecting bids for you.

Pittsburgh, PA

Seekahoo, Inc.

Seekahoo is a location-based app for home improvement businesses to connect with homeowners recommended by their friends, family and social network. It’s a great way to grow your business and connect with real people and gather great referrals.


StreamMe offers a location-based app that allows you to see what’s happening around you. Users  create, view, or add new streams where you can share things that are happening around a current event or venue.


Srvd has a created a unique way to order drinks at crowded bars. Why stand behind long lines when you can just pull out your phone? Using its mobile app, you can order drinks at busy bars, get offers to special deals or loyalty programs from alcohol brands.

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