Celebrate 2015: Excursions Extraordinaire for Our Attendees

September 18, 2015

11:00 am

Our third annual Celebrate Conference is right around the corner. As you might know by this point, we’ve built it as a three-day journey that brings a lively mix of startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, educators, and technophiles from around the world together.

All of us at Tech.Co are big on the value of both networking and serendipity: put yourself into new situations with new people and the results will usually turn out in your favor. This year we wanted to offer something new and different that highlights this mindset, and we think you’ll all enjoy it.

Attendees at Celebrate 2015 will have the opportunity to sign up for various excursions that will take them around Downtown Vegas and beyond. You see, there’s so much more than tech startups that make the Downtown Vegas ecosystem amazing, and we want to help showcase as much of the community as we can. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to meet, interact, network, and break the ice with the other conference attendees.

Different excursions will be happening each day of the conference at different times around the Downtown Vegas playground and at the LINQ. The timing varies from 30 minutes all the way up to two hours, and we’ve made sure to include a wide array of activities to delight both your professional and playful sides.

You should all note that we have limited space for these excursions, so if you’re interested in any of them make sure to register for Celebrate 2015 and then sign up for your free excursions sooner rather than later. Here’s a list of what we’ll be offering:

Yoga Classes

Location: Rooftop of Inspire Theater

Who doesn’t love a good yoga practice? Nothing beats the feeling of complete body relaxation, when all the tension in your muscles melts away – honestly, it’s the perfect way to focus up for a riveting day at our Celebrate Conference. We’ll be offering two sessions for attendees on Sunday, and one session each on Monday and Tuesday. Namaste!

Professional Headshots

Location: Fremont East Studios

It’s no secret that having a professionally done, sharp-looking headshot is really important for your business or your social profile. The fine folks at Fremont East Studios will be keeping their doors open throughout the day on Sunday with a studio set up and photographers waiting. Upon your arrival just tell them you’re there for the Tech.Co photo shoot and they’ll take care of the rest.

Trikke Tour

Location: Trikke Tours Las Vegas

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a Trikke, but they’re incredibly fun to ride and you have to try it out. Essentially it’s a three-wheeled scooter that uses your own momentum to keep you moving forward. Each of the Trikke tours will be about 30 minutes long and will take you all around and through Downtown Vegas projects, like the Container Park, famous neon signs and dog park.

Healthy Meals for Entrepreneurs

Location: Stage at the Container Park

Two local restaurants, Simply Pure and GrassRoots, will be hosting cooking demos geared around healthy meals entrepreneurs can prepare and eat. After demoing everything at the Container Park, the food and crowd will be headed back to Simply Pure to – you guessed it – taste all the food. They’ll be hosting two separate sessions on Sunday.

Mixology Demos

Location: Commonwealth on Park

I don’t think there are many things cooler in this world than watching a mixologist whip up a craft cocktail. We’ll be offering two demonstrations that can accommodate up to 10 people per showing. All 10 will get to have a private mixologist demonstration with signature cocktails, all the while giving participants an exclusive taste test of what’s being made.

Barista Training

Location: PublicUS

Coffee, coffee, coffee! On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we’ll be hosting two excursions, hosting five people in each group. PublicUS is one of the hottest coffee shops in Las Vegas, and their ever-loved baristas will walk you through and teach how to make everything coffee oriented from lattes all the way to frothing milk the right way.


Location: Slotzilla

Not only is Slotzilla the beginning of the Fremont Street Experience and largest slot machine in the world, it’s rigged with two ziplines: one high and one low. For interested attendees, we’ll be covering the cost of the lower zipline. If you’re feeling bold and want to try the higher line, you’ll only have to pay the difference. Pro tip: doing the zipline during the day is awesome, but doing it when all the lights are on in the evening is ten times cooler.


Location: the Linq

Did you know that Las Vegas also has the world’s tallest ferris wheel? We have sponsored shuttle buses to take two groups of people out to the LINQ hotel’s Highroller for a 30 minute ride on the massive wheel. You’ll get breathtaking vistas of Las Vegas, the Strip, and the mountain ranges encircling the whole Mojave valley. Oh, and did I mention that you can bring your own drinks on the ride with you?

Food Tour

Location: downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Vegas is home to some incredible restaurants that have amazing food and even cooler ambiance. Our food tour excursion will take two groups of attendees to different restaurants around the city, where they’ll be tasting pretty much everything. It also serves as a pseudo tour of Downtown Vegas in and of itself. Just make sure to bring your appetite.

Pitch Coaching

Location: Inspire Theater

All three days of Celebrate 2015 we’re offering pitch coaching lessons at the Inspire Theater in Tony Hsieh’s private suite – talk about classy. Seven people will be welcome per session where a professional coach will teach people how best to pitch their startups.

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