Is Your Advice Worth the Cash? Celly Cents Thinks So

October 31, 2013

11:00 am

Some of us give really good advice – whether that’s career-related or just general life-related, some advice can steer someone in the right direction at a time when they desperately need it. But is that advice or that conversation with someone valuable enough to be worth some actual money? Would you pay someone just to have a few minutes of their time? With services like Celly Cents, your time (more specifically the words you share in that time) become a commodity.

Celly Cents is a cloud-based phone billing platform that can be used by individual experts and professionals to bill for phone calls, as well as text messages. Unlike similar solutions currently available on the market, Celly Cents’ cloud-based system (as opposed to the more traditional use of telecommunications) allows users to access its services from anywhere at any time.

“Time is the most important thing we have as humans, so why not put a price on the time [we spend] on the phone? Not only for the obvious professional [such as attorneys or accountants], but any individual.”

Avion Gordon founded Celly Cents with the idea that some people out there have important information that others would pay money to hear. Certainly, the kind of service that Celly Cents is offering isn’t new when we think about all of the different services for which we’re already getting charged per minute – from technical support and various company operators offering advice, to the more unremarkable things like psychic lines or *cough* adult chat lines. Celly Cents, however, is purporting that literally anyone out there with a solid knowledge base, that could prove valuable to someone or a group of people, should be using the service to make the most of their time.

Just think about the possibilities of this. Independent consultants can use Celly Cents to charge their clients more efficiently. Therapists can easily set up a way for them to charge patients outside of sessions. More importantly, though, renowned experts and professionals in any field can use Celly Cents as a way to offer their advice to anyone – for a price. I think the best example to equate this to is Quora’s credit system. People can ask certain field experts – who are Quora users – to answer one of their questions, but they must pay them a certain number of Quora credits in order for that particular expert to answer a question.

So, this makes Celly Cents great for two reasons: 1) it gives experts an opportunity to monetize their time, and 2) it gives regular people access to experts and professionals that may otherwise not be accessible in any other situation. The demand for this sort of thing has always kind of been there, but it’s really only now that it’s been made possible.

Celly Cents was featured at last month’s NYC Tech Cocktail Mixer & Startup Showcase

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