CES 2011: Intel 2nd Gen Core Processor “Visual Life” Launch

January 10, 2011

12:47 am

Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Intel CEO Paul Otellini Launches "Sandy Bridge" at CES 2011

Last week at the Consumer Electronic Show, Intel had some exciting news as they launched their 2nd Generation of Core Processors just as we had previewed. The event was kicked off by CEO Paul Otellini and then followed up by Mooly Eden, Intel Vice President & General Manager, PC Client Group. We attended the launch event which took place on Wednesday. It was a full house. We were the last to squeeze into the banquet hall at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and captured some of the highlights with a few photographs.

Mooly Eden Of Intel User Experience

Mooly Eden, Intel Vice President, General Manager, PC Client Group at CES 2011

The executives shared some consumer trends, which included the fact that more of us are creating and consuming loads of content – specifically images and video – and our devices need to be fast enough to handle it and offer a great user experience. This is exactly what the 2nd generation Intel Core Processor is supposed to do.

Real-Time Avatar Demo at Intel CES Event

Real-Time Avatar Demo at Intel CES Event

One of the experiences that showcased the processor speed was a live avatar demonstration, which created a real-time avatar that mimicked Mooly Eden on stage. The fluid motion was impressive, yet still a bit creepy.

Intel Insider Launches

Intel Insider Launches @ CES 2011

Intel Insider is a movie streaming service launched with Warner Brothers and a number of other studio partners. Intel Insider offers content owners and video services a secure environment for distributing content.

Warner Brother President at Intel Insider Launch

Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Home Entertainment Group president on stage at Intel Insider Launch

In the evening we also attended the launch party at the newly opened Marquee Club at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Intel CEO Paul Otellini was in attendance and I even got a chance to meet him. The event was themed “Visual Life” which included visually stimulating performances and art installations.

Digital Graffiti at the Intel Visual Life Launch Party

Digital Graffiti at the Intel Visual Life Launch Party

Zoe Keating performed live at the event and you can watch her performance in the video below with visual effects by Neon Golden.

To take advantage of Intel’s new processor, look for the new Intel sticker on 2011 computers and devices in stores now.


Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family

Disclosure: I am part of the “Intel Advisor” program and am compensated and/or receive other value from Intel to attend events on their behalf, including the 2011 CES show.

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