Who are the Challenge Cup Berlin’s Hottest Showcasing Startups? [POLL]

November 12, 2013

6:19 pm

In case you missed it, Tech Cocktail has proudly partnered with 1776, the Washington, DC-based startup incubator, to bring you the Challenge Cup – a global competition to identify the hottest startups in education, energy, health, and smart cities.

On November 13th, Challenge Cup will bring the excitement to Berlin, where dozens of startups will battle for the four regional winners’ spots within their respective category.

The winners from each of the 16 events (8 international, 8 within the US) will move onto the final round and with it, the chance to win the $150,00 grand prize.

But we want to know what YOU think!  Weigh in and let us know which of these startups from the event is the hottest by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post!  The winner of the Reader’s Choice Polls from each group will be announced on tech.co on Tuesday, November 19th.

Who is The Challenge Cup Berlin’s Hottest Showcasing Startups?

(Polls listed at the bottom of this post)


Allversity – Free online learning materials about basic life-skills and understandings. We focus on materials about health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and rights and target these materials at young people using Community Knowledge Centers across Africa. Our goal is to build an online learning platform that helps its users access practical understandings and skills that help them built happier, healthier lives and more resilient communities.

Flowkey – a platform everyone can use to learn musical instruments in a revolutionary easy and fun way. This online teaching method that enables even beginners to play their first song within 5-10 minutes. Compared to other self- teaching methods (e.g. Youtube and Books), flowkey reduces time effort by 80%. Compared to private lessons, flowkey cuts costs by over 70%.

meinUnterricht.de  – Online preparation tool for teachers that enables teachers to create their own teaching concepts and materials; easy to use from everywhere, with every device

Toywheel – a digital inspiration source for parents & kids providing tutorials and activities to explore, learn & play in the real world. We believe, especially in the digital world, it is extremely important to learn how to use technology as a tool, source of inspiration and augment real life.

UnlockYourBrain – an Android app that presents you with a short puzzle every time you unlock your phone, integrating learning into your everyday life. Users unlock their phones an average of 30 times a day, so that’s 30 times that they use UYB and 30 chances for them to learn something new. Currently available in math, foreign language vocabulary, and SAT vocabulary.

Webinars –  platform for production and sales of educational content and an advanced tool for managing educational content easily. Use webapp for creating, streaming and storing data easily.

WriteReader ApS  – App for children at the age of 3-10 years old, which teaches the children to read by writing. The app is developed and is tested primary by schoolteachers in cooperation with leading Danish scientific researchers.


BoostGreen – enables solar technology exchange between Germany and Brazil  in renewable energy certification in Brazil, cooperation with local electricity companies, connection with industrial and renewable energy clusters, information about local infrastructure for solar panel production, and more.

Caretosave – a polar bear energy display with storybook and web app to teach children how to use electricity wisely through the series of lessons and advises from Bobo.  Club compares family efforts to friends and districts.Web app shows electricity consumption, ice saved, temperature, and statistics to track actions over time.

fortrabbit  – a fully automated self provisioning cloud hosting platform. It is made for the needs of continuous development of modern web applications. fortrabbit provide the right tools and a reliable infrastructure and support your favorite workflow. Deploy with Git, SSH or SFTP.

Vetar 10 Wind Turbine –  An urban wind turbine which normally have about 6-8 m diameter for this power output under same wind velocity. No noise, no vibrations, and 5 times more powerful than other traditional sources.

Plugsurfing –  solution to finding electric car charging points & barrier free payment for EV charging. By merging multiple data sources, including real-time APIs direct from charging point providers, as well as static crowdsourced data from the charging point community, the PlugSurfing apps & websites are able to display the world’s largest database of charging points.


OPTretina – helps people to know if they are going to have eye problems. According to WHO, 80% of blindness cases are completely avoidable, it’s a matter of early detection. Optretina installs  a software that allows send that photo, with key information about the patient.

SkinVision – SkinVision provides a personalized mobile application for people that value a healthy skin. It helps people with finding potential dangerous spots on your skin by themselves. The application has the potential to increase awareness, helps people to take appropriate actions and reduces barriers to see a doctor in a timely fashion.

Die Artverwandten GmbH – “LARA – your health companion” is a digital decision aid program for women between diagnosis fibroids and treatment decision, assists women in understanding their diagnosis and treatment option, and lets women manage their own care.


deMiFi – a rental service that provides visitors to Germany with a mobile router that fits in your pocket. You can take it anywhere and use it to connect up to 8 devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the Internet. Our name comes from “Deutschland” (de) and “my WiFi” (MiFi).

einFach – the Dropbox for real things and services. The whole world of things and services in a compartment. Become well with your business partners by easily and take advantage of new customers and most efficient logistics.

My City –  a platform for sharing and discussing ideas on what and how can be improved in the city’s environment. It helps municipalities and community activists activists to collect ideas on improving their cities, bridge the gap between government and citizens, engage citizens in urban planning activities, and inspire people to take action themselves. The platform offers smart data analysis, so collected ideas are presented in a nice and ready-to-action way which helps automate a lot of current’s government hours.

KIWI.KI – provides secure handsfree access to apartment buildings that works similarly to a keyless remote systems for a car. It increases efficiencies of their major partners, which include Deutsche Post, the world’s largest courier company, and ALBA, Berlin’s largest private recycling company as well as allows consumers to enjoy the safe, simple, and convenient comfort of just walking through their doors with our transponder “Ki” in their pocket or via a mobile app.

PASSNFLY – mobile App that does your check-in in seconds and stores all your boarding passes in one place. It automatically detects flights and automates your check-ins across 200 major airlines worldwide. Even with no Internet connection, PASSNFLY does it all for you and process your check-ins 24/7, without you doing anything.


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