ChampSplash Gives Students the Chance to “Zinch My Prom!”

April 8, 2011

2:46 pm

Vote for your high school, sabotage your rival– it’s all in a day’s fun with ChampSplash. Whoever comes out on top wins $2,000 for their prom and bragging rights for their school.

ChampSplash is a social grant competition platform for high schools and colleges sponsoring creative and fun opportunities for both students and brands.  The first competition is sponsored by Zinch, a social network connecting high school students with college admission offices.  Zinch will donate $2,000 to all the top schools in ChampSplash’s competition, giving high school students the opportunity to “Zinch My Prom!”

Getting in on the fun is easy.  Students connect with ChampSplash on Facebook and search for their school.  Each day, the student can vote for their school and sabotage others.  A vote counts as one point toward the school’s final tabulation, while a sabotage deducts half of a point from the chosen rival school.  At the end of the competition, the school at the top of each bracket gets a $2,000 grant. Also, the school with most votes nationally will get an additional $2,000.


Screenshot of ChampSplash.

Students can check in regularly to vote, sabotage, and check the leaderboard in ChampSplash.  The “Zinch My Prom” competition began on April 4 and will end April 30 at 11:59 PM PST. The winning high school will be announced Monday, May 2, 2011.

ChampSplash is the newest offering of the DC-based startup Splash Network, who have also brought us AdmissionSplash, CampusSplash and DormSplash. This is a company to keep your eye on.

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