Who is Charleston’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Poll]

September 10, 2014

8:54 pm

Hello Charleston, it’s time to choose your city’s hottest startup! It won’t be an easy decision, but we broke it down for you so you just need to choose one startup below to represent your city during Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate Conference in Las Vegas. That’s right, Vegas baby! So VOTE now, and may the most popular startup win.

Now for the fun part: Who is Charleston’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?  Let us know your thoughts by voting in this poll at the end of this post.   The winner will be announced and receive recognition in the editor’s note of the weekly newsletter and added press recognizing the honor of being elected  Charleston’s  Hottest Showcasing Startup, as well as a chance for a spot at this year’s national competition, Tech Cocktail Celebrate.

Who is Charleston’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?

  • GWIG: Go Where I Go – Problem for small business owners: I know word of mouth grows my business, but I don’t know how to encourage it, track it, and recognize those who are referring. Also, I have no software that can help me track/start a Thank You program. GWIG is a mobile app for all small business owners. Problem for small business owners: I never have my business card on me when I need it. GWIG allows you to always have your business card on you, as you never leave home without your phone! Problem for Happy Customers of a small business: I am rarely recognized for being a VIP in my favorite businesses. GWIG allows those happy customers to be recognized and thanked for their referrals.
  • HomeTrackR – HomeTrackR provides critical data on residential homes that allows professionals and consumers to make more informed decisions before they make an offer the buy. The home buying model before our service existed required buyers and real estate agents to wait until they ratified a contract and hired a home inspector to learn about problems under the surface of a home. Our service uses predictive analytics to alert users of the potential problems a home may have for a fraction of the price of the traditional model. The key to our product’s success is that it alerts buyers to the problems up-front instead of waiting. Many of the issues our service alerts are typically not found even with a hands-on home inspection.
  • Small World – When you are traveling, whether it be business or vacation, you’re surrounded by hundreds of random individuals. Through research on population density and social demographics, we’ve found that the random individuals around you aren’t actually so random at all. Wouldn’t you like to know if say a co-worker of your best friend from college was in town and sitting right next to you at Wild Dunes after a round of golf? We’ve all had Small World connections before but now is the time where we cross this information barrier, and utilize the abilities of our Smartphones to show the world that it really isn’t so big after all. Small World condenses the small-talk conversation people have in search of a mutual connection or interest in a split second making networking easier and faster than ever. Until now, the only way to make this connection prior to meeting someone is basically by looking at what his or her shirt or hat says.
  • Snapcastr – We’ve all seen it. People are constantly looking down at their phones. Our main goal is to get them to LOOK UP, to be more engaged and more present at events and other physical locations. Event organizers, sports arenas and trade shows need ways to make social media more relevant and engaging at their event. What better way than to display it for all to see? What makes us different from our competitors? We integrate polling features and leader boards to elevate our product from being just a simple slideshow, to being an interactive platform where the audience participates and is rewarded accordingly. Our platform makes room for sponsorship integration and we’ve created a self sign-up system that allows events of all sizes to use the product.

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