Video Meets Social Meets Travel with Chatterpop’s Easy-to-Use Video App

December 12, 2011

3:55 pm

If you are an obsessive social media user with a sense of adventure, LA-based startup Chatterpop, which demo’d at our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles mixer last week, has developed an easy-to-use video app with a social learning underpinning.

The vision behind Chatterpop is to create a new way to make, share, and experience the world through video. In other words, their platform will learn about your likes, dislikes, and interests as you upload the videos you shoot about your life.  They will then curate new experiences and things for you to film based on what you have already shot and shared footage of.   Think personal travel guide with a film-making twist.  As you make more videos, you will “unlock” new experiences and product opportunities.

As promising as that premise is, it’s not quite there yet.  I asked co-founder Adam Webber how they would bridge that gap, and he said,

Yes, you highlighted where we are today and where we are going to go with this.  We have yet seen any video-based applications that are “intelligent” and inherently fun. We would like to take Chatterpop and dive deeper into the app and bring out some of the really fun aspects that are in there – just not completed yet, like the geo-targeted treasure hunt and the ability for the app to learn about what a users interests and likes are based on the videos they have already taken, then provide the user with an option to have new experiences in places that they might never have discovered before.

Once you make a video, you can upload it to Chatterpop and share it via social media.  You can also follow friends or strangers – interesting, and very personal, way to make new friends.  I watched some of Chatterpop user Capo’s videos – the most recent one is of a lovely sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and there’s one of the ocean itself in the second row.  I am a huge beach person, so I could probably watch that video over and over!

This app is just one more way to make your posts on Facebook really interesting and engaging, and I can see businesses using it, too.  You could do a series of really short 60-second interviews with employees, subject matter experts, or industry experts, video shorts introducing new products or sharing company news, videos from fun conferences or interesting meetings, etc.

I am always curious as to where startup founders get their ideas.  Adam and co-founder Vic Rotelli based Chatterpop on a previous venture:

Years ago we built a video booth, and we liked the idea of people telling their stories. I have always been a NPR junky – This American Life, StoryCorps, The Story, and all the other shows that show how amazing life’s stories are. So we built a booth – but then we decided to take that and put it in the palm of everyones hands.

Very cool inspiration!  To get started on chronicling your own life, download the app from iTunes here.

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