Cheaper Model X Could Spell Trouble for Tesla

July 13, 2016

12:01 pm

Tesla has made a lot of waves in the automotive industry in recent years. With the release of their self-driving cars that are the height of futuristic technology, they have made a market for this revolutionary technology, changing the face of business as we know it. But in the last few weeks, the company has come under fire for a number of issues, including missed deadlines and self-driving car accidents. Their response? Release a cheaper version of their car!

That’s right, Tesla has just announced that they will be making a more affordable version of the Model X. Dubbed the Model X 60D, prospective buyers can lock down this marvel of automotive technology for only $74,000, which is $9,000 cheaper than the Model X 75D. The only major differences between the two models is the battery life and the torque. And while few drivers are likely lamenting the lack of torque in the world’s most famous electric car, the drop from 237 miles to 200 miles could persuade buyers to spend that extra $9,000.

Yes, it’s still relatively fast, topping out at 130 miles per hour. Yes, it’s still powered by electricity so you can save the world while saving big on gas. Yes, it still has those crazy falcon-wing doors that make you look like Doc Brown returning from the future. And yes, you still get to lord your revolutionary technology over friends and family.

The cheaper car could, however, be a sign of trouble in the allegedly successful company. According to multiple sources, Tesla missed delivery targets in Q1 because of manufacturing issues. This delayed a number of purchases drawing criticism from dozens of purchasers and critics alike. And with the recent self-driving car accidents, one of which was fatal, there is no telling what this company is dealing with on a PR level.

Whether the cheaper model was a way to assuage potentially troubled buyers or just a means of putting their technology in the hands of more people remains to be seen. But it can’t be all sunshine and rainbows for Elon Musk when it comes to business. Fortunately, he seems to have something big in the pipeline that this writer can’t wait to hear about.

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