CherryPick Helps You Keep Your Blog Humming with Curated Content

May 24, 2012

10:52 am

Finding time to blog is a challenge that all startup founders face – squeezing in time for writing and marketing when you’re trying to start up, launch, and then grow your company makes you long for more than 24 hours in a day (sometimes, anyway).

As cofounders of a startup, BuzzShift, which just happens to be a digital strategy agency, Cameron Gawley and Eddy Badrina have experience with the not-enough-time problem.  Hence, they created CherryPick, an app helps your curate articles from around the web and re-publish the content on your website.

This is not a formula for plagiarizing, though.  The app lets you easily comment on favorite news articles, tag them properly for your blog and for SEO purposes, and then re-publish those articles, plus your insights, on your own website.  So you get to comment on current trends, adding your expertise to what is already being talked about and therefore more likely to be searched.

CherryPick is definitely filling a niche.  “The problem that we’ve seen as an agency is that our clients can’t produce enough content,” Gawley and Badrina said. “If you divide content into three categories – created, contributed, and curated – you’ll find that curated content has the most potential for quantity of posts and SEO quality, but currently is time-consuming to produce…. CherryPick solves this problem by automating the most important features of content curation: article selection, formatting, image selection, correct attribution, and comment insertion.”

While CherryPick is currently in closed beta, you can sign up to try out the app when it launches.

CherryPick was a showcased startup at last week’s Tech Cocktail Dallas mixer

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