Cheryl Foil: An Emmy-Nominated Speaker at Innovate! and Celebrate

August 24, 2016

1:30 pm

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When you launch a startup, it’s not for the glory. Startup founders and employees are all about living their dream and building something that can make the world a better place. However, when glory comes knocking, they aren’t going to turn it away. If your startup can manage to get nominated for an Emmy, the last thing you’re going to do is let it slow you down. At least, that’s the case for Cheryl Foil, the principal of tech and innovation at Kiddar Capital and the former CTO of Emmy-nominated AI software company SocialSamba. We are excited to announce Cheryl will be one of the featured speakers at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016.

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Foil is a technology guru in the startup world. Her current focus at Kiddar Capital is investing in built world tech startups, wielding her experience to bridge the construction and tech industries. With smart cities on the rise, Foil hopes to make the world a more connected place through investment in these budding startups. And she is widely-revered as the right person for the job.

“Cheryl is recognized in the market for her leadership roles in technology-focused startups. Her experience in this space allows Kiddar to view these investments with a specialized lens,” said Todd Hitt, founder of Kiddar Capital in a statement. “Cheryl is deeply analytical, data driven, and results oriented – precisely the person we wanted to join Kiddar to accelerate our presence in these areas of investment.”

As a self-described “serial CTO turned venture capitalist,” Foil has made significant impacts on a wide range of businesses and industries. While she has held the role for a number of companies and consulted with many others, Foil’s crowning achievement has to be the creation of the first Emmy nominated AI software. She helped SocialSamba get nominated for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for their work on USA Network’s show Psych HashTag Killer.

Since joining Kiddar Capital, Foil has set up a specific investment fund through the firm to raise capital for startups in highly regulated industries through 1776, a global incubator in Washington DC. Foil’s focus on Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds in real estate, hospitality, construction, and smart cities startups will help launch a new generation of innovative ideas.

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