Chicago-Based Winestyr Delivers Craft Wines to Your Door

January 15, 2014

3:11 pm

There are plenty of people who admittedly don’t like beer, or vodka, or whiskey, but most everyone enjoys at least some kind of wine. One could argue that it’s the most widely enjoyed alcoholic beverage in the world (for the sake of transparency, that distinction actually goes to beer, but moving on…).  As a country, the United States is still relatively new to the wine game, and the lack of accessibility to wines from smaller wineries can be frustrating for those wanting to broaden their palates.

Winestyr is aiming to introduce small batch wineries to the rest of the country. The Chicago-based startup has developed a “craft wine” marketplace that provides access to over 300 independent, small batch, artisanal wines from over 50 craft wine producers throughout the country. Co-founder Bob Wilson is a Certified Specialist of Wine and started the company in 2010 along with John Wilson who is an expert in direct-to-consumer wine law. Their team also includes Scott Washburn, their director of sales and business development who was an early employee at Groupon, and Pooneet Kant, VP of Product and Marketing, who is a competitive wine taster and has worked in private equity for a Y Combinator-backed startup.

The Winestyr platform guides even novice wine drinkers to recommendations based on taste and activity preferences. Wine notes are written in casual, easy-to-understand terms that will make you wonder why you ever thought of wine tasting as a snooty proposition. Once you start buying wines, it’s up to you to rate them on Winestyr to further narrow down your likes and dislikes. Winestyr will then recommend other wines that will keep your palate on its toes. As an added incentive, no matter how little or much you buy, shipping will never be more than $10.

“Winestyr connects great wine producers directly with consumers, cutting out the middlemen and providing a wine experience focused on helping consumers find great wines with no bullshit.”

Thanks to this service, you’ll never have to deal with an elitist wine salesperson turning her nose up at you because you have no idea what pinot noir means.  There are so many great wines out there, but most of them will never be found outside of the winery. So, for those of us who are unable to make monthly trips to the Russian River Valley, Winestyr is an excellent way to bring these unique wines straight to your table (or to your couch…because, let’s be honest, that’s where you’ll be drinking it).

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