Bringing Tech to Non-Profits

August 5, 2007

4:08 am

After TECH cocktail 5 I had a chance to meet up with Randal Dill who is working to build up What I loved about the idea was how it aims to bring technology to non-profits in order to make the system more successful which ultimately means more people will be helped. Below is a little more information on put together by Randal at my request. Please give it a read and throw suggestions around in the comments.

Also, as the last section of this post indicates, Chicago Non-Profit needs come help from some coders so if you are interested please check out the last section of the post and shoot me a note.


In 2006, Chicago Non-Profit was created to promote the art of giving. The art of giving encompasses all charitable contributions of money, time and services to help the causes that socially-conscious people care most about. The website is designed to serve as a home to those who are seeking ways to support over 15,000 charities in Chicagoland.

Currently, the on-line calendar hosted by Chicago Non-Profit averages 27 events posted monthly by various non-profits and attracts nearly 10,000 visitors each month. These numbers are climbing steadily every month. The website consistently ranks in the top 5 when an on-line search engine returns its findings for “Chicago Non-Profit events.”

In June of this year, Chicago Non-Profit partnered and introduced an option for visitors to sign up for a weekly reminder of the coming week’s fund-raising activities. Over 16 new subscribers are opting-in daily for these reminders. These numbers have indicated to us that Chicagoans are taking note and showing a great interest in the charitable activities of this region.

A directory of non-profits is also available for public viewing. There are 13 different areas of need Chicago Non-Profit has identified as charitable causes and a link to each charity is provided. When this site launched in August of 2006, 42 charities had been listed. Since then the number of charities who’ve approached Chicago Non-Profit has more than tripled.

Where Chicago Non-Profit is Going:

While Chicago Non-Profit has enjoyed rapid visibility and a nomination for the Chicago Innovation Award, the model is not yet complete. Two main projects are underway for which Chicago Non-Profit is actively seeking support.

First, a portal is being designed to allow individuals and non-profits to interact and actively seek others with similar charitable interests.

Second, a planned giving platform is being built that allows a donor to give 100% of their contributions to charities (meaning there are no fees/charges withheld from their donations).

These two initiatives are unique and intended to create an unprecedented environment for charities, businesses and individuals to come together and support our non-profit community.

Help Wanted:

The calendar and directory of services are offered at no cost to non-profits and website visitors. Our sustainable income is generated from a variety of sources from advertising on the site to grant writing.

We are actively seeking volunteer and other assistance with coding (PHP, Perl, Drupal, etc.) and hosting alternatives. In other words, we need code jockeys, CMS gurus and the like to lay down some sweet code with us!

There you have it. If any TECH cocktailers are interested in getting involved with Chicago Non-Profit please shoot me a note (eric [at] and I can hook you up with Randal.

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