Chime Leverages IoT to Let You Brew the Perfect Cup of Chai

May 22, 2016

12:00 pm

We all know that the Internet of Things is becoming a huge hit in the technological world, and will keep on growing. It brings the Internet to a lot of everyday objects, from fridges to more spicy objects. Now, a couple of entrepreneurs with vast experience in tech-related companies are bringing the IoT to a chai-brewing machine.

Chime is a device designed to easily make a cup of authentic chai, any time of the day. It fuses the traditional, hand-crafted process of making chai with the developers’ drive for product design and technology. Also, it is the world’s first connected device, taking advantage of the Internet of Things.

The two entrepreneurs behind this project are Gaurav Chawla, founder and CEO, and Samip Bhavsar, co-founder and VP of Business Development – it goes without saying that they love to drink their daily cups of chai. Chawla worked at WebLogic and SalesForce, while previously worked on Cisco and Start-up (Vantage Point Analytics), with diverse roles. They were since joined by Matt Leanse, Product Designer, and Ian Allan, VP, Product Development & Operations.

Chime also comes with an app, which allows youto control several aspects about the brewing process, such as the brewing time, the tea-to-milk ratio, the temperature, and so on. With this, users can define their own recipes, and get it right every single time, and they can even use the app with other Chime machines when visiting friends, for example.

The app also lets users order new caps to use with Chime. Those recyclable caps are also an important aspect of Chime – they come in five varieties and are sourced from India, which ensures the quality (and tradition) of the ingredients.

So, if you are enjoy a greatly brewed chai and are a fan of technology, then Chime is a great device for you to have.

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