Chipolo Plus Rivals Tile for Loudest Item Tracker on the Market

November 14, 2016

11:20 am

If you regularly lose your keys, you’ve probably had a friend recommend Tile, the tiny item tracker that will help you keep track of your most prized possessions. But with a meager chirp and a square design, losing something more than a few feet away from you could become a huge problem with this popular device. Fortunately, one company has committed to making it as easy as possible for everyone that’s more forgetful than they’d like to admit.

Chipolo Plus is a Bluetooth item tracker for the woefully forgetful. As the world’s loudest device of its kind, it allows for a truly helpful experience when it comes to losing your stuff. No more searching through couch cushions, no more complaining to friends, and no more turning off your TV and air conditioner just so you can hear a tiny whimper of an alert.

“Our product is louder than market rivals, and is also available in seven colors and boasts a range of 200 feet and goes unlimited with our worldwide crowd finding community,” said Primož Zelenšek, CEO and cofounder of Chipolo in a press release. “Finding things has never been easier.”

In addition to the actually audible alert, Chipolo provides a wide range of unique and necessary features to users. In addition to being water resistant and maintenance free, Chipolo plus allows users to utilize a network of other users in an effort to find your lost items. While these tiny, circular devices can track up to 200 feet away, anything outside of that range can be found thanks to the many other users with a device.

Yes, Tile has established itself as the go-to product when looking for a item tracker. But while their marketing team has done more than enough to make their name the prominent device in this market, testing out your options goes a long way in finding the best product. Chipolo Plus is, inarguably, the loudest Bluetooth item tracker out there. And if that’s not what you’re looking for when it comes to losing your belongings, you better be able to hear a small ding from 150 feet away.

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