Choosing the Right Content Marketing Agency

December 14, 2014

8:00 am

How do you choose the right content marketing agency for your business? After all, if you are hiring someone to create content for your business then more than likely you are not interested in writing content yourself. Which by default leads you to ask the inevitable questions most businesses have when they think about content marketing, “What in the world was I thinking?”

Fear not! Content marketing agencies provide a service just like any other service provider you work with in your business. Therefore, it is possible to know ahead of time how an agency can help your business. The information below will provide you with useful information to help you go from “What was I thinking” to “Oh! That is how it helps.”

Do They Understand Your Business

First, and foremost, is that an agency must understand your business to write for your company. This sounds like an obvious idea, but you would be shocked to discover how often companies are hired who know nothing about their clients’ industry or business model.

Ask the agency what experience they have with dealing with your industry. Do they have samples or direct experience in your business? Some agency have different writers that they assign specific articles to for their business. Discover ahead of time which writer you will have writing content for your business. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the agency and the writer. If you do not ask questions then you might not be happy with the content created for your business.

Finally, you do not want to pay a content marketing agency to learn about your business. Instead, pay a content marketing agency that has the experience and education to write confidently about your services to your target audience.

Infographic by Olivier Carré-Delisle

Speaking of experience

While we are on the topic of experience, understand how much experience your agency has writing content. Since content marketing is still a relatively new field, many companies have just popped up to write content for businesses. Make sure that your company has a portfolio of their experience, and do not hesitate to ask for references if needed.

Our writers have vast portfolios before they start to work for us. They cut their teeth writing content for other agencies, and understand what we need them to do from day one. This experience is invaluable for any business, and helps you select an agency that understands your needs. Moreover, it gives you another chance to see if they are a good fit for your company.

You need a partner, not an employee

When you hire a content marketing agency you are not looking to hire another employee. Instead, you want a partner who can help you create the content marketing strategy you need for your business. They should understand the speed bumps you might face, and work with you on creating a search and social strategy through content that will garner you attention and authority in your industry.

Pay attention to the questions that your agency asks of you. The more in-depth and poignant the questions, the more confident you can feel in their ability to be a consultant when problems arise. For example, a good content marketing agency will want to know how their work will fit into the entire marketing structure you have set up, so they can coordinate their content with other aspects of your business.

Take an event that your company might host. Your content online should reflect what is going on for the offline event. Everything working in tandem will create a more successful event, and bring in additional revenue for your business. In the end, you want someone who not only understands how to write. You need a content marketing company that knows how to use writing as a form of sales. This is not something all writers can do.

Content Marketing Agency Takeaways

In the end, you need to find an agency that can help you achieve your own business goals. Keep in mind what you want throughout the process and you can find a qualified content writing team for your business. Let us know what your biggest content marketing questions are in the comment area below.

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