ChoreMonster Aims to Make Chores Fun and Rewarding for Kids and Parents

June 1, 2012

5:00 pm

Thinking back to chores as a kid probably doesn’t surface the most fond of memories. For most, they were a necessary evil that was just part of life. ChoreMonster‘s founders, Chris Bergman and Paul Armstrong, are looking to change all that. They believe chores should be fun and engaging and can be with ChoreMonster. I was skeptical at first, too, but after talking with Bergman and playing with the product, I think they might be right.

ChoreMonster is a simple mobile and web app that makes chores fun by turning them into a game with real-life rewards. The application allows parents to easily assign and track chores while providing kids with incentives beyond your traditional “good job” stickers. Kids and parents each have their own separate dashboard to manage their chores and keep track of points.

fun chores

The idea for ChoreMonster first came about in March 2010 when Armstrong was drawing with his son. Armstrong writes on ChoreMonster’s blog, “He asked me to draw some monsters. So I did… We drew for an hour or so, and ultimately I liked what I had drawn and thought about what I could turn them into; but nothing really stuck.” It wasn’t until a year later that Bergman, his business partner at their digital agency, approached him with the idea of making chores easier and fun.

From there, Bergman says, they were “dared” to apply to the Brandery accelerator and were accepted into the class of 2011 with no more than a logo. By demo day, they had a working prototype and were able to raise $350,000 from CincyTech and private angels. Five months later, their team has grown to 5, they submitted version 1 of the kids iOS app to the app store this week, and they have much more in the works that they’re “super excited about,” says Bergman.

ChoreMonster currently has over 2,000 parents using the app and kids completing an average of 1,300 chores per week. They have a subscription-based revenue model but are offering Tech Cocktail readers a free invite to their private beta with the code “COCKTAIL.”

fun chores

fun chores

Guest author Nick Tippmann is a young entrepreneur with a thirst for learning and a passion for helping. He is an organizer for Startup Weekend, a mentor for Lean Startup Machine, and currently full-time on his own startup. Follow him on Twitter @ntippmann.

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