The Chowbotics Robot Will Make You a Salad

April 18, 2017

8:30 pm

When you walk into a restaurant, you expect to see chefs, line cooks, and maybe a waiter or two contributing to the creation your meal. But what would you think if a robot made your lunch?

Chowbotics, previously Casabots, builds robots that prepare food. The company’s first product, Sally the Salad Robot, has the ability to create custom salads that are ingredient-driven, chef-inspired, and robot-delivered.

Chowbotics participated in the Techstars Austin 2016 class and recently we announced a $5M Series A round investment with Foundry Group in the company.

These investments often fit it into the “people gotta” framework. It’s Techstar’s way of ensuring that we’re thinking about investing in big market opportunities. Chowbotics was super obvious for us – “people gotta eat!”

We’ve known Deepak and the team at Chowbotics since they participated in Startup Next and later in Techstars Austin. After the accelerator program, we participated in the seed round. It has been incredible to watch what the team has accomplished with a modest amount of capital. Building robots is hard, but Chowbotics has made consistent progress.

When we recently visited their office, Sally made us salads for lunch. It was easy for us to see how robots like Sally would be preparing our food in the future. The automation and speed Sally provides means improved health and sanitation in food preparation, and consumers can have total control over their calories, ingredients and portions.

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