Christine Robins: The Internet of Things is Here

January 27, 2015

11:00 am

“The Internet of Things has arrived,” announced Christine Robins, President & CEO at Char-Broil, to a crowd gathered in Downtown Las Vegas during CES 2015. “The challenge,” she cautioned, “is to make it really work for everybody. Not every piece of innovation is going to capture the hearts and minds of people.”

Since creating wearable tech at venture-backed startup Body Media, Robins says that the challenge has been making these pieces of innovation “work” for everyone: for the 25-year-old millennial, the stay-at-home-mom, and for the investment banker. This event was held to introduce the software integration that DADO Labs has created to make interacting with existing brands and products smart and connected.

“There are fifteen billion smart connected devices (but only 7 billion people on Earth!) There is a challenge in allowing all of these devices to communicate on the same platform.”

Robins contends that we are still pushing technology on consumers and hoping they will come to this platform. In order to get to a real trajectory of mass adoption, she says, we must create products that consumers have to use every day, where they are pulling technology to catch up with their demands.

The Internet of Things offers a bright, intelligent future, however, the data that gadgets are collecting must deliver relevant, real-time data to consumers. “Colleges are scrambling to develop data scientist type programs,” she says, to transform all of this data so that it can be integrated into their daily lives.

Besides the challenge of interpreting data, the Internet of Things also faces a compatibility issue. Hardware should never be incompatible with each other in our tech-connected world. Software needs to solve problems like that. The industry hasn’t quite sorted out communication protocols between these devices, Robins warns.

Char-Broil, she promises, will be working through each of these challenges to be assured that they are providing to consumers the products that will take down these barriers and be simple to use by a vast audience. Robins says that the DADO Labs platform is not only smart, personable, and scalable – it’s also flexible and customizable and will allow Char-Broil to get to market quickly.

To get a more in-depth look at the history and future of this company and the entire Internet of Things industry, take a look at the video:




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