The Force Block Chrome Extension: Saving You from ‘Star Wars’ Spoilers

December 15, 2015

5:15 pm

We’re three days out from the new Star Wars movie, and my Facebook feed is jam-packed with people declaring that they don’t want to see a single spoiler. The common response you see is: “Well, I guess you’ll just have to stay off the Internet then”, which is pretty impossible. I thought IGN’s Facebook page had the best post about it by far:

However, there’s a better and far simpler way to avoid all the spoilers. Simply tap into the power of your Chrome Browser and download a special extension called Force Block. According to the overview of the extension, you can block pages that contain spoilers from the Force Awakens with smart pattern detection while also whitelisting for false alarms.

Whenever a page is found and blocked, you’ll receive a popup message with a classic, tongue-in-cheek Star Wars reference. Honestly, it’s very similar to the ever-popular AdBlock extension. The only negative reviews for it so far consist of people complaining that it blocks too much content on the web.

“It is a nice idea, but in all honestly it does a really poor job. It is blocking ANY page that mentions star wars, yes it claims to have the intelligence to decide if it really is a spoiler or not,” says user Andrew Raia.

To my mind, that’s a small price to pay for not worrying about tripping over any spoilers. I’ll be using it until I get out of the Saturday morning matinee with my friends. Enjoy the show everybody, and be sure to check out our other Star Wars related content.

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