These Chrome Extensions Will Make You More Productive

June 24, 2016

6:00 pm

The most popular browser available on both desktop and smartphone is Google Chrome – and for good reason. Research shows that Chrome has more than 65 percent active users of the total amount of desktop browser users, improving and adding new features to help increase the web experience for desktop users. However, what really draws users to keep coming back is the reliance of productivity and efficiency. The Chrome browser offers several extensions that can help with this.

Here are some of the 10 best Google Chrome extensions that will help you get the most out of your Chrome experience.


LastPass is a password manager which lets you store and manage passwords. It’s the best alternative to Google password manager, providing military-grade encryption and rich features to make the task of managing passwords hassle free. It’s free to use as an extension for Chrome on desktop only. However, if you want to use LastPass across all of your devices, you’ll have to opt for the premium plan.


Well, English language may not be native for everyone, but it’s widely preferred and an efficient language for communication. When you’re writing, even the smallest grammatical errors could make you look like a fool to the readers. Grammarly checks for a wide variety of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It even corrects some of the advanced issues if you would upgrade it to the premium.

Checker Plus For Gmail

Many Internet users have a Gmail account and manage their email by logging into Gmail or Inbox. The Checker Plus extension allows you to get desktop notifications on the emails you receive. Furthermore, you can read, delete, and mark them as read without even going to Gmail or Inbox. It also lets you manage multiple accounts – which means no more incognito modes to check emails for other Gmail accounts and ultimately you’ve just made yourself more productive.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simplest note-taking extension which allows you to add notes by highlighting a text on a web page. On the off chance you don’t want to reach out to your smartphone adding a note, you can alternatively use the extension button to save a note.


Distractions are the death of productivity. If you want yourself to take control of the time and utilize most of it for productive tasks, this extension can help. StayFocused limits the amount of time on the websites that you normally waste on. You set a time limit and once you’ve used up the time on those sites, it will no longer be accessible.


Multiple tabs on Chrome consumes a lot of memory and slows down the performance of the system, preventing you from doing certain tasks. OneTab converts all of the active tabs to a single list under one tab. It makes your computer efficient and thereby allowing you to carry out more tasks.


If you’ll keep on reading different articles on the Web, there’s no limit to it. So, you can save the articles from the web to Pocket with the help of this extension. And, you could enjoy reading for leisure in your free time.


Every time you open a new tab you’ll be reminded of the five important to-do tasks, reminding you of the tasks that take priority.

Google Calendar

Manage events while browsing the web with Google calendar. If you’re on a web page where an event description exists, Google Calendar extension would detect it and would add the location of the event as well when you click on the extension button.

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