CINEMOOD Launches Indiegogo for Family-Friendly Mini Cinema Projector

April 22, 2016

10:07 am

When your child needs to go to sleep, the last thing you want to do is stick a tablet in their face. It has been proven that the blue light from your many devices can cause restlessness, insomnia and a myriad of other sleep related issues. But with television shows and popular movies playing such a big role in growing up today, how can you lull your little ones to sleep with SpongeBob, Bob the Builder and other beloved childhood characters named Bob? CINEMOOD hopes to make entertaining kids simple and fun with one simple device that’s no bigger than an alarm clock: a mini cinema projector.


With the success of their handheld projector, CINEMOOD has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the new project, designed exclusively for families. All you need is a blank wall to enjoy a wide range of family-friendly media. In addition to a library of cartoons and children’s movies, the device comes with features like time control, video messaging and customizable cases.

We spoke with CEO Mike Bukhovtsev about the many features of the mini cinema projector, what separates this new project from others, and what the future holds for CINEMOOD.

What separates CINEMOOD from other home projectors?

Bukhovtsev: “One of CINEMOOD’s greatest advantages is the ease of use: free of cables, totally portable, and app-enabled. This makes CINEMOOD kid-friendly in addition to covering more use cases than any of its competitors. While our competitors are focused on getting entertainment for kids, we take it one step further by carefully curating our content.

CINEMOOD comes with programming (both educational and otherwise) specially selected by educators and child therapists. This not only guarantees quality but also allows parents to control what kind of media their kids are exposed to. Furthermore, our whole product was designed particularly for family use, as opposed to individual use. Through our app and multifunctional IoT device, we have made CINEMOOD the ideal entertainment unit for a family.”

How do parents benefit from CINEMOOD? Is it possible to watch other movies and shows besides what is in the library?

Bukhovtsev: “A growing catalog of top-rated and carefully pre-selected cartoons and audiobooks are available right from the box, and a web media store enables you to easily download any kind of content to the device. CINEMOOD’s content is pre-filtered by age and user preferences, making it fun and customizable for all ages.

Users also have the option of uploading their own content to CINEMOOD via USB or WiFi. Whether it be audio fairy tales, digital books, movies, cartoons or photos, CINEMOOD’s engaging content brings families together and ensures a quality media experience that is suitable for all ages. Indeed, parents need to wind down too, and CINEMOOD is the perfect toy for grownups as well as for the kids.”

Can you tell us about the library?

Bukhovtsev: “In order to meet the needs of families, CINEMOOD is designed to be as multifunctional as possible. The projector can be used to watch videos, listen to audiobooks, read digital books, and project play environments. CINEMOOD comes with over 20 hours of pre-loaded content  that has been carefully selected by educators and child psychologists.

Cut the Rope (Zeptolab), Kit^n^Kate, Qumi-Qumi (Toonbox), Hooplakidz, and KikOriki are just a few of the names featured on CINEMOOD. By the fall of 2016, CINEMOOD will also offer programming from major content providers and selected based on user preferences.”

How does CINEMOOD work on an airplane? Can you adjust the size of the projected image? 

Bukhovtsev: “With CINEMOOD you can adjust the size of the projected screen. By changing the distance of the mini cinema projector to the screen surface you can get a screen as large as 60 inches. Since the projector is so flexible, you can transform any flat surface into a vibrant personal cinema.”

What are your plans for the future and CINEMOOD?

Bukhovtsev: “After we launch our Indiegogo campaign, we will begin selling the mini cinema projector in the US, EU and Mid Asia. By the end of 2016 we hope to have our cloud store fully functioning, and by 2017 we will have more than 15 smart covers available in all markets. Within three years we plan to make more than 1 million families happy with our product.”


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