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November 16, 2014

12:00 pm

All year long, Tech Cocktail hosts events all across the country to celebrate and connect local startups, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and other tech-minded individuals. We host major events in Austin during SXSW, in Las Vegas during CES, and have created fabulous one-off events to work with existing communties to educate and celebrate startups. We recently visited Arkansas for the first time as Little Rock hosted Arkansas Startup Week. We know that tech communities can be built and supported anywhere, and we love being a part of the magic.

Did you know that Tech Cocktail also pulls the stories that we write about local startups and events into individual City pages? Even though we still highlight these homegrown startups on our national site, you can always check out your City page to see all of the things there are to celebrate about, say, New York City, on one convenient page. Local groups can even add their own events to these pages to help spread the word.

We’re building these pages out to bring you a better experience when you visit us on the web, so as your editor, I would like to hear from you. When you visit[your city here], what do you want to see there? We want to bring you the best resources to get connected with other people in your community who can help you grow and thrive as an entrepreneur and tech-minded member of your local ecosystem.

So tell me: Where is your town? And what are the startup and entrepreneur resources in your town? Who are the movers and shakers? You can comment here, on Facebook, or just email me at ann [at] And for now, check out some of the stories that you’ll find on the Tech Cocktail NYC page:


Kaplan EdTech Accelerator Demo Day Presented 11 Startups Aiming to Improve Education

“For the first time in history – with technology – education can reach people we’ve never been able to reach before. That’s why this is so exciting, and that’s why what you’ll see today is going to give you a look at what education is tomorrow,” said Kaplan, Inc. CEO Tom Leppert at Wednesday’s closed event. “What separates the people that you’re going to see today is not just the great ideas, but it’s the passion for education and what they can do to change the world.”

Mind My Business is Leveraging Open Data to Support Small Local Business

Available in NYC and soon to be launched in Chicago and San Francisco, Mind My Business utilizes targeted geolocated data to give small, local business owners actionable information on things outside or around their business that may have some effect. Small business owners merely need to get on the app and see what local events or policies may affect their businesses. Whether it’s upcoming changes in local zoning laws that could have a potential effect on a business’s operations to nearby construction work that could affect a business’s foot traffic for the day, Mind My Business will notify shopkeepers about such occurrences.

There’s lots more where that came from! Tell us what you would like to see more of on the NYC site – and on your city’s site, too!

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Previously the Managing Editor at Tech.Co, Ann Diab has a background of launching and nurturing of startups and tech companies.

Empowering and educating entrepreneurs and startups to better productivity and culture is her passion. Growth Manager at WorkingOn to enable folks all over the world to enjoy work and improve communication. Follow me on Twitter.

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