Alexis Glaser

The Innevation Center

Innevation Director

Alexis is a creative leader with expertise in customer relations, sales, account management, and marketing. Most recently, Alexis was the Director of Innevation at The Innevation Center, a 65,000-square-foot collaborative workspace and community event venue in Las Vegas. She …

Andy White

Millennial Technology


Andy White is a startup advisor, mentor, angel investor and entrepreneur. He’s based in Las Vegas, NV and was most recently a partner at the Vegas Tech Fund.

Ann Diab

Tech Cocktail


Ann Diab is the Editor of Tech Cocktail. She is proud to call Las Vegas home, and has been involved in the launching and nurturing of startups and tech companies in Vegas for over 15 years.

Christina Aldan



Meet Christina Aldan for the first time and you will feel as if you have known her all your life. Replacing introductory hand shakes with firm hugs, Christina creates a “safe space” for potential clients and those encountering her essence for the first time…

David Gosse



Since childhood I have been a believer that technology promises a better future. Getting things done should be easier. So that’s what I am working on. My passion is to help improve the way we can all socially collaborate and thus simplify our lives….

Elyse Petersen



Experienced food scientist in areas of Quality Assurance and Product Development in dairy, seafood, dry-mix, meat, tea, and soft drink industries. Served two terms of Peace Corps, promoting sustainable practices. Dedicated to introduce sustainable food security solutions around …

Frank Gruber

Tech Cocktail

Co-founder & CEO

Frank Gruber grew up in the Midwest heartland and is an entrepreneur, new media journalist and investor. He is the author of Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktail’s Guide To Building, Growing and Celebrating Startup Success published by Wiley. He co-founded Tech Cocktail in 2006, …

Gabriel Shepherd

LaunchKey, Inc.

Director of Business Development

George Moncrief

Vegas Tech Fund

Entrepreneur in Residence

George Moncrief is an active member of the Las Vegas Tech scene. He was a co-founder and CTO at RasterMedia, and currently an entrepreneur in residence at Vegas Tech Fund.

Heather Wilde


Unicorn Whisperer

I have approached my career and life as I do all things, as something to be explored, with new adventures around every corner, and new things to learn at every turn. After the circumstances of life derailed my initial career path, I spent my…

Jacqueline Jensen


Growth Hacker

Jacqueline Jensen is a Growth Hacker at, tech startup founder, a natural born doer, and an enthusiastic member of the #VegasTech community. She has been a relationship builder, problem solver, social marketer, project manager, and finance nerd. Today, she is …

Jason Mendenhall


EVP Cloud

Mr. Jason Mendenhall serves as Executive Vice President at Switch Communications Group L.L.C. Mr. Mendenhall served as a Vice President of Product & Customer Operations of Sparkplug, Inc. Mr. Mendenhall was responsible for the development and introduction of new products …

Jen Consalvo

Tech Cocktail


Jen Consalvo is Co-Founder and COO of the tech-focused media company, Tech Cocktail, as well as the Founder of Thankfulfor, an online gratitude journal community. She has worked in product development for over a decade, leading large and small teams in a range of product …

Jennifer Gosse



Having helped to found and develop several companies, I am passionate about innovation, the digital landscape and business models that give (efficient solutions, new revenue streams, better visibility) to our clients and their audiences. I am task-oriented and can quickly take a …

Jimmy Jacobson

CTO & Co-founder

It’d be hard to help raise little girls if they looked like lines of code. Luckily, Jimmy is half man, half machine. When he’s not coding, he’s deciding which technologies will enable Wedgies to connect with people. Pwning newbs at COD or rocking headstands…

John Lynn


A blogger and entrepreneur with a broad range of IT skills and the ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical groups. Strong experience in healthcare IT (specifically electronic medical record), social media, and SEO. An avid blogger with 25 highly trafficked …

Kyle Kesterson


Founder & Chief Storyteller

Through an eclectic mix of skill sets, I’m ever-hungry to find and create innovative ways to help people capture and share their personality, sense of humor, and imagination, with an ultimate goal of helping create a generation of MacGyvers; people who see problems …

Mark Rowland

Downtown Project

Community Actualizer

My passion in life is to be happy and strive for self-actualization for both myself and the people I come into contact with and also for all the companies and communities I work with. I believe that “work” is a fantastic platform by which…

Michael Smith



With an arsenal of interactive design and user experience skills, together with an entrepreneurial spirit, Michael leads the charge for one of the most proficient interactive teams in the land. As a Silicon Valley transplant, Michael set out to build a software development …

Mike Yoder


Co-founder & CTO of WinTech LLC the developer of ALICE Receptionist. Lifelong technology entrepreneur with 20+ years in the technology sector, building software solutions that solve business challenges through technology. Passionate about creating technologies that help …

Pawel Szymczykowski

Software Engineer

Laid back doer who is always looking for new challenges. Once I set my mind to do something, I’ll get it done while figuring out most of the steps along the way, or else find a satisfactory workaround.

Rick Duggan

Rolltech, Inc


Broadly skilled multi-specialist with business, IT, and analytical abilities. Adept at issue identification and resolution; data acquisition and manipulation; and creation of grounded recommendations. Capable of driving IT projects as well as managing and supporting sales, …

Sara (Vainer) Hill

The Mill

Cofounder & CEO

Sara Hill is Cofounder & CEO of The Mill, an idea and startup accelerator in downtown Las Vegas. The Mill is an accelerator designed to help entrepreneurs evolve. We have two programs–one for people to test ideas and one for seed stage startups. Sara…

Shavonnah Tièra Collins

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Director of Entrepreneurship & Vegas Young Professionals

Thomas Knoll


Founder & CEO

I am a community architect, community cultivator, and practice customer development. While I have a technical background, I prefer to speak in gardening and architecture metaphors. I am inspired by storytelling, psychology, evangelism, architectural theory, social economics, …

Tony Hsieh



In 1999, at the age of 24, Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) sold LinkExchange, the company he co-founded, to Microsoft for $265 million. He then joined us as an advisor and investor, and eventually became CEO, where he helped us grow from almost no sales…

Zach Ware


Founder & CEO

I live and work in Downtown Las Vegas where I’m part of a passionate group of people building the the most connected large city in the world. I’m the founder and CEO of Project 100, co-founder of Work In Progress and a general partner…