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March 17, 2015

12:30 pm

After spending three months in a beta period, Claim It! officially launched their iOS app in New York City. During the beta phase the team put their platform to the ultimate test and successfully gave away $60,000 worth of free prizes to New Yorkers.

“Our app almost got rejected by Apple because they thought we were a scam, ” says Kaza Razat, cofounder and Head of Product at Claim It. “We had to convince them that we were truly just going to give away free stuff. People don’t understand that it’s possible to just win cool stuff without strings attached, so we enjoy surprising them.”

That’s literally their business model: give away free prizes and not coupons, discounts, daily deals, or samples. Users watch 15 second videos to register for free prize giveaways, selecting from three of the weekly prizes offered on Claim It.

Prizes are offered on different tiers, with tier one prizes ranging in value from $1 to $5 – users are always guaranteed to win on this level. Tier two includes more attractive prizes in the $10 to $25 range, but users only have a 10 to 20 percent chance of winning.

For those who feel especially lucky, the grand prizes are where the top notch prizes are, valued between $100 and $599. It’s also important to note that anybody who enters the giveaways has an equal chance of winning.

Claim It has partnered with companies like Apple, Google, Red Bull, Shake Shack, Nike, AMC Theaters, and Under Armour to ensure that they offer high quality prizes for their users. During their initial beta phase the team saw that even giveaways with just ten items generated major buzz and excitement.

“We team up with global brands and exciting new companies to give our users the coolest and newest products,” says Ali Abdullah, CEO and cofounder. “Content is king, and in our case the content is hot brand-name products. Users come back to the app throughout the week to make sure they don’t miss one of our amazing offers.”

The Claim It team is delivering new, free offers every Monday that last until the following Sunday. Whatever users chose, come Sunday evening, is the one permanently locked in – choose wisely my friends.





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