Clarify, GeoSafe and Kalisi.Tv Win Austin Hottest Showcasing Startups

September 19, 2014

6:00 pm

Hey Austin,

Thank you for coming out to our mixer and startup showcase this week at Capital Factory. We loved the energy and would like to congratulate all of the startups for getting out there and pitching. The time has come to announce our winners!

Both companies join startups from other regions that qualify to participate in our national competition in Las Vegas during Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference. This will be an exciting showcase event on October 6, where as many as 50 startups will be showcasing and competing to earn a place on stage to pitch as one of the four finalists. So, Austin hottest showcasting startups are…

Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup- Reader’s Winner

Clarify, Inc. is an online platform that simplifies searching for AV files so developers can integrate into them into their applications. So instead of spending a long time mining through AV libraries, developers can be employed building new and better services. The startup won both the reader’s and pitch choice- you guys were on fire!

Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup- Pitch Winner

GeoSafe- GeoSafe Mobile helps cities use their first-responders more efficiently. Emergency response times improve because GPS tracking gives dispatchers the closest units to a 911 call. Our custom map features bring floor plans, fire hydrants, and storm shelters out of GIS databases, and directly into the hands of officers who use them. Additionally, our iPad/iPhone/PC applications gives cities choices in selecting the most cost effective platforms.

Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup- Tech Cocktail Winner allows you to watch a video on Youtube with friends anywhere simultaneous. So, let’s say you want to watch a funny video with your best friend across the country, you can do so. You can also interact with friends as you watch the video, tell jokes and enjoy it as if you were right next to each other.

Congrats to all startups; now it’s time to prepare for the national competition. Who will take home the big check, the Tech Cocktail chalice, and the title of the Nation’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? Come “Celebrate” with us in Las Vegas and cheer them on!

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